Games like Age of Empires

These games like Age of Empires will help you enjoy yourself while you wait for the next one. You can play with a historical story or a fantasy world. There are many worlds for you to conquer, and each has different tools and skills to use. Some have advanced alien technology; some only have Stone Age tools at the start. These games also include an animal civil war and Tim Curry.

Age of Empires 4 is being made by Relic Entertainment, but they have not said when it will be released. Until then, here are other games for you to play.


Vikings are a new game right now. It is for this historic place. You control your own clan as they build a settlement and have success through trade, conquest, and lore. This is different from your normal games because the gods play an important role in Northgard, and there are undead warriors that wander through the woods. If you want to be successful with Vikings, you need to look at the weather report because winter is just as likely to end your saga as if someone attacks it.

Dawn of Man

Age of Empires is a game. It takes place in different time periods. One of them is the Stone Age. You can fight mammoths, cave lions, and wooly rhinos. And you can fight off raiders too! You will need food in your store and clothes for your people in order to stop them from freezing. If you do well, you can build Stonehenge-style structures. If you do not, then humankind will be doomed. This is fun!

Tooth and Tail

It’s a war, but it is not the normal kind of war. It is easier than what we are used to. You can be a general for one of four factions – the Longcoats, Commonfolk, KSR, and Civilized – and tell people what to do on the battlefield. Attacks happen quickly. Scouting happens too. The game has many pictures that are dark, like 1980s cartoons, but it can be hard to learn and might even be hard for those who play other kinds of war games often.


If you like games that are scary and depressing, Frostpunk is for you. It takes place in a world where it is cold, and there is not much to eat. You must keep your people alive and happy. You can do this by building homes for them and making sure they have food. But sometimes you also have to make hard decisions. It is easy for a ruler to go from being kind to others, which is good, to not following rules, which is bad.

Surviving the Aftermath

In the Age of Empires, you are trying to build a colony. But here, the people live in a world after a disaster. You need to take care of food, power, and shelter for your people. You also have to take care of pollution, bandits, and refugees that come looking for help. To really thrive, you’ll need to send some of your people out to find rare resources and make more scientific discoveries. The game is still in the early stage and getting regular updates, but it’s still very fun right now.

Bad North

If you like battle games but don’t want to have a lot of luck in finding food, this is a good one. You can defend your island from people who come with boats. They can come from any coast and cause a lot of damage if they get past your defenses. In this game, there are waves. You need to use the geography of your island to protect yourself from the people who come in waves. The good thing is that it looks like a toy, so you can enjoy looking at it while you fail.

Tropico 6

In this game, you make decisions like a head-of-state. You can be a kind leader or a dictator. You can also send people on heists to steal things like the Statue of Liberty and form alliances with revolutionaries. If you’re in the mood for something meaningful and very complicated, there are campaign missions that will take days to complete.

StarCraft 2:Wings of Liberty

It is a crime not to put Starcraft 2 on this list. It was so addicting that it is still an esport. There are 3 different alien species in the game, humans, and aliens with otherworldly powers. The single-player campaign is great, but it would not exist without the map editor, which allows players to create their own maps and discuss them with others and play competitively or cooperatively against them. I’ve got a lot of experience. I’ve done work with E3, and I have talked to CEOs over seafood buffets. At GamesRadar+, I am proud of how we write news and that we see huge traffic successes. They have been doing really well through all this change in 2020 and 2021, even when things are uncertain.

Cities: Skylines

Maybe you don’t care about the people in the Age of Empires. You just like making towns. If that’s true, then Cities: Skylines has what you need. Build a town, and then you will see that your traffic is not working, people don’t have power, and you should have spent more on fire service. You need to think about what people want. You can set up different districts with different needs. The game got good reviews on release, and now there are expansions that you can download. It’s a good game to play if you like balancing power with how sewage systems work.

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