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Diablo may be coming soon, but here are some other games to play if you love Diablo III.

It’s a good thing that Blizzard has finally uncovered Diablo IV. It is beautiful. 

Diablo III is a game you will play for a long time. There are other games, though. Some people say these games are better than Diablo III. Here are 15 of those games that you might want to try if you like Diablo III or the Diablo franchise.

More games like Diablo III are coming. There is no news about Diablo IV. That also means you should look at other games to play while you wait for it to come out.


In the game, Diablo and his brothers are replaced with Chaos Gods from the different mythos. This game is also more violent than Diablo III. But this one has an advantage: you can pick which class you want to be in! There will not be any trash items, and it will take less time for your build. You should buy this one if you like Warhammer games.


Victor Vran is a game you can play to kill demons. It does not offer anything new, but it still has a good rating on Steam, and people like to play it. It is worth trying out if you are a Diablo fan. You can customize your character. It is more fun than most Diablo clones, and it comes with a lot of action.


When Diablo fans saw the game Lost Ark, it looked like it was better than Diablo. They decided to buy the game. But they could not because their developers did not release the game to the West.

Lost Ark is a great game, but you cannot play it right now. You have to use a VPN and pretend that you are different to play this game. If you are lucky or persistent enough, then you will be able to play Lost Ark. It might make the wait for Diablo IV more bearable.


The first Dungeon Siege game is different from Diablo games. They are both fun games, but they are different. The first Dungeon Siege game lets you control your character and go on a killing adventure for more riches or better clothes.

Combat in the ist game was intense enough to make it stand out among other RPGs back in 2002. The sequels added some changes to the core gameplay that makes it way more fun!


One game that came close to being better than Diablo II was Titan Quest. It came out in 2006, and it made significant changes to RPGs. It had a two-class system, which changed the way people make new characters and play games. It is like other dungeon crawler games where you can explore an open world.

Even though Titan Quest is old, it can be remastered. This means that you will not have any trouble playing it again. You can go on a global adventure to slay some Titans who are causing trouble.


The developers of Titan Quest made this game. This is like Titan Quest, but Grim Dawn takes place in a dark world with knights and witches instead of mythology.

The game has Diablo III’s feel, but it is more mature and grungy. The gameplay might be slow for people who are used to the fast-paced combat in Diablo games, but it is the same type of game. You can get money and items by killing things.


This game is new, and it has a lot of good things in it. You can change your job and make it better.

Last Epoch has a user interface that is similar to the first Diablo game. The health and mana balls are like the first one. Last Epoch is an indie dark fantasy RPG, and it is still in early access, but it is easy to buy to try it.


The first Torchlight game is good. It’s also good to play the second one too. Members of the development team are some of the original people who made Diablo I and II. You can find music for both games in Torchlight 1 or 2 if you’ve played Diablo I or II before.

Torchlight is a game with pictures and a setting. The classes are different so you can play it again. The developers did things to make the loot exciting and easy to think about how it works.


If you want to play a game like fighting, then maybe you would like this game. It’s a mix of two different games. You can use cards and fight monsters. The monsters are in the dungeon.

The game is called Book of Demons. You find cards and put them in your deck to give you powers for the game. There are no monsters–just cards. The art and graphics are different: they look like papercrafts from a storybook. It’s a complete game, and it doesn’t cost much to buy it either!


On the surface, Sacred looks like a game that is just like Diablo. But it is more high-fantasy than Diablo. It’s also not as well known as Blizzard’s RPG giant. There are three main games with plenty of expansions and episodes.

Sacred is a game that is sometimes better than the sequels. The first Sacred was a good game, and it had some features that were not in most other games. If you can handle the graphics, try this one. If not, there are the sequels.


It’s a free-to-play online RPG. It’s good because you can customize your character to play as you want, not as the game designers think you should.

There are many items you can do to make your character better, as the passive skill tree. You can put gems in your armor. All these things come to join to make a deep system for making strong characters against monsters, just like Diablo II. But it might be hard if you haven’t played Diablo II before.

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