How To Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following 

We all know that Instagram is a fantastic platform to drive not just visitors, but additionally to sign-up to the email lists you have created.

That’s the truth. However, the amount of traffic and email subscribers depend on the number of followers you have. Untuk peningkatan instan di akun Anda, Anda juga dapat beli Followers Instagarm dari

You see, Instagram is a feed. Only those that follow your account will be able to see your posts unless you enhance your posts on Instagram by paying for advertisements.


It’s obvious that if you have money to support your Instagram growth, it’s bound expand much more quickly than if there’s no budget.

In the fullest disclosure of our actions, Sumo had a budget to expand its Instagram account. We did invest some cash at it, but unless you’re able to achieve the same results and have the same budget, it’s very unlikely you’ll get 49,000 followers within 3 months.

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However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t increase your followers quickly by using the free Instagram followers growth strategies.

Here are the methods you can increase your following at no cost.

I’ve sorted them according to efficiency. You can accomplish all of them or only one or two depending on the speed at which you wish to expand.


The most efficient ways we’ve employed to increase our followers on Instagram without cost is to use “share to share”.

This happens when you discover similar accounts that are reaching the people you wish to be able to reach (and in reverse) and then you each make an Call to Action post to follow the other account. Here’s an example of this:

  1. I have a look at an account that has similar amount of followers as us. Let’s name it @S4SExample. The account is able to reach the audience that we would like to get to, and we then connect with the audience @S4SExample is hoping to reach.
  2. I send a message to @S4SExample asking for their availability for a share-for-share and/or “S4S”.
  3. @S4SExample agrees and also identifies a tweet of @SumoMe’s that they think will be popular with their followers. I find an article on the feed of @S4SExample that I believe will appeal to the followers of @SumoMe.
  4. I will share the post of @S4SExample on our feed with an invitation for you to join @S4SExample’s feed.
  5. @S4SExample has posted our article on their feed. They also include a an invitation for followers to join @SumoMe.

These are extremely effective as shares for shares can be exponential. As you increase your size and increase your following it is possible to start working with bigger accounts, bringing thousands of followers each.

In the beginning, if you’re not following 1000 people You’ll have to work with other accounts of the same size. It is possible to expect 5-10 new followers per share you make.

As you increase your following to 10,000-5,000 followers, you could anticipate 20-30 new followers growing from there.

With Sumo We set the goal of doing four shares for every day, which is around 33 percent of the content that we posted. It is important to mix them up and your personal posts (otherwise your accounts that you’re dealing on not have anything to share in addition to the fact that you’ll upset those who follow you).

To locate accounts that you can create a share-for-share with, you’ll have to begin with a couple of. Once you have that, you will be able to discover similar account by simply expanding the account by clicking on Recommended accounts:


Some people might not like this method of gaining more followers. However it’s effective.

This is the method that some of the major accounts that you see today have grown their following quickly.

The concept behind this is quite simple Follow the accounts of your followers and hope that they will follow you and follow you back.

Because Instagram is “up and up and” and is still in its early stages, there aren’t any businesses or spammers that aren’t spending time there. If you have 125 followers and the majority are your family and friends and you see when someone is following you for the first time.

What if the person you were following was akin to an account you follow due to your interest in their contents?

If you were to be honest, you’d likely take them up on their offer!

When you follow the people you’d like to connect with by following them, you’re letting them know of your presence. They will see you in their feeds as a new follower who has recently joined It’s also easy for them to click”+” to join you too.

Follow Your Target Audience For 30% More Followers

Since there’s a method for everything, here’s the best follow/unfollow procedure – so that you don’t lose followers or dissuade people by bombarding people with follow and unfollow them.

Step 1. Look for accounts that already have large followers of your intended audience.

Step 2. 2. Click on their followers, and then begin following the accounts that don’t appear to be spam and have a target audience that matches yours.

Step 3. Repeat this process every 30 minutes, until 60 new followers.

Once you’ve been following these accounts and you’ve followed them, you will increase your chances of they’ll also follow you when you interact with them via Instagram. Follow them and leave comments on their posts.

We’ve discovered that about 30 percent of the accounts we follow will also follow the account back.

It could be a great opportunity since you could follow thousands of people each day and develop super fast you think?

Not necessarily. Instagram doesn’t want spambots to follow and then unfollow the account, which is why it’s set limit on followers.

You are only able to follow 7500 accounts. each hour you can take sixty actions (follow or unfollow).

Unfollow The People Who Haven’t Followed You Back

This is known as the follow/unfollow method , not simply”follow. “follow” method since it is not advisable to keep following accounts that aren’t following you back.

There are two possible explanations to this:

  1.  That means that if your followers see that you’re not following as many people than you do then they’ll not be inclined to join your account. This is like asking every woman you’ve met to go to go to prom to make sure you have backup. It seems desperate.


I have recently moved “back” in Vancouver after a short six-month period of wandering.

Since I was brand newly arrived (again) in the town, and I had never been to the city itself before, I did not know what was happening. So, let me mention that the summer months here in Vancouver have become the hottest thing on the internet and I was looking to remain involved in the community through the various events.

So, I posted this into Instagram.

I looked up for a few hashtags related to Vancouver to discover what people were sharing about. I found some fantastic Instagram accounts which brought me to a few activities and events in the city:


I am aware. Shocking.

As a frequent person who uses social networks One of the most important things you can do is get comments and engage on your posts, don’t you think?

This is especially relevant if you don’t have a lot of followers, and haven’t gotten familiar with the hundreds of comments per Facebook post, tweet or the ‘gram.

If you have even an unintentional following, you’ll be able to spot a user who leaves comment on your posts every time or even likes your content and will likely begin being a follower.

This is the reason engaging with your intended followers on Instagram is an extremely effective method to not only increase your followers and build connections with your intended audience.

It’s not just that, it’s also effective in getting social evidence. In the end, if you’re actively engaging with those who follow you on Instagram and they’re more likely to interact with your posts. Also, if your posts consistently receive a high number of “likes” and comments on them, other users will consider you to be more trustworthy and inclined to follow your lead.

The following are the three methods to interact with Instagram for greater growth:

  1.  Follow the posts on your feed, make comments on those you like and then message those who are a match for you. This will allow you to increase the number of followers who follow you back and also increase the engagement of your own posts.
  2.  Visit your competitor’s Instagram profile page and click on their followers, and then click to like or leave comments to their content. This will expose you to new viewers who may not have followed you previously (without being required be following them).
  3.  Find hashtags that are relevant to your field or area of expertise and interact with posts that are posted under the hashtag.

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