Here’s everything you need to know regarding Instagram’s engagement rate

Regarding Instagram’s engagement rate

You must analyze your Instagram content and audience to increase your account’s growth go to comprarseguidoresportugal . It will help if you track your engagement rate.

What is the Instagram engagement rate?

The engagement rate is the sum of all the engagements (likes, comments) for a certain period. This number is crucial for Instagram’s algorithm.

It considers how well your Instagram performs based on your engagement rate and Saved posts. The algorithm then determines the exposure that your post will receive.

A high engagement rate will increase your account’s visibility and boost your account’s overall popularity. It’s simple: the more people like your content, and the more followers, the better Instagram treats you. The higher you reach the Explore page and Top posts, where you will receive a lot more exposure and traffic.

But that’s not all. When working with brands, monitoring your Instagram engagement rate is essential. You must have a relevant audience to be able to collaborate well.


Here are Phalanx and Triberr, two of my favorite engagement rate calculators. You can do it either way. You can determine if your engagement rate is reasonable or not by looking at it.

How do you determine if your engagement rate is high?

Your Instagram account’s engagement rate can be high, low, or average. High engagement rates are always preferable. This is what Instagram and brands want to see on one profile.

The number of followers is a critical factor in determining your engagement rate. With more followers, your engagement rate will decrease. An account with 1000 followers is considered to have a high engagement rate of 10%. However, a 10% engagement rate for an account with 1 000 000 fans is unrealistic.

This industry benchmark is updated for 2019 and can help you understand your engagement rate.

  • Accounts with less than 1k followers must have at least 55% engagement. A high engagement rate is anything above 7%.
  • Accounts with 1k-10k followers must have at least a 33% engagement rate. Anything above that is considered high engagement is unacceptable.
  • Accounts with 10k and 100k followers must have at least a 2.2% engagement rate.
  • Accounts with 100k-1000 followers must have at least 2 percent engagement. Anything above that is considered high engagement rates will be removed.
  • Accounts over 10M must have at least 1.9% engagement. Anything above 2% will be considered high engagement.

click here, your account is safe if it falls into one of these categories. It is possible to fix a low engagement rate if your account. It is crucial to identify the problem and correct it immediately.

It could be your content

Perhaps it’s not attractive enough to your audience. Perhaps it’s not of high quality. Perhaps you write generic content and don’t belong to a particular niche.

You can make it your audience

Perhaps your target audience is not correct, and you focus too much on the wrong people.

You can combine both

Your audience won’t see your content if there is so much competition on Instagram. This is yet another sign that you don’t have an engaged audience. The more people interact with you, they will see more of your account posts and stories.

You can use it as a way to grow

Specific methods can help you grow your Instagram account, such as buying followers. These aren’t the best ways to grow your Instagram account. They can harm your Instagram profile and decrease your engagement rate.

It’s easy to see that fake followers won’t interact with you. They won’t comment on, save, or like your posts. They are just numbers. That’s why the gap exists.

Your real followers will struggle to keep up with the fake followers that you have purchased. This is something that any brand can see from their engagement rate.

What sign of an honest Instagram account with a high engagement rate?

It is not a perfect way to start, but it is an excellent place to start. When analyzing an Instagram account, there are many things to consider. Another critical aspect of being aware of is the quality and number of comments they leave under their most recent posts.


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