Do you happen to be holding a fake bill? Warning! Let’s find out what could happen if you have and use fake money. It doesn’t take much to get into trouble.

Possession and use of fake money: it’s better to stay on the right side of the law.

Finding one or more fake banknotes in your hands is not impossible. The counterfeiters’ illegal masterpieces are putting the money market in serious danger.

False banknotes are getting harder and harder to tell apart from real ones. Those who have them and keep using them by putting them back into circulation can run into a lot of trouble. How often do you hear, “But I didn’t know anything about it! I didn’t agree that the note I had was a fake.” A phrase said by someone who, most of the time, doesn’t know if the money he just bought something with is legal or not. He says it with his mouth shaking and his eyes wide open in fear. Yes, because you’re supposed to be scared! Possessing or using fake money is a crime, and there are a lot of risks involved that are not small.

But the first sentence given as a good excuse doesn’t always come out of the mouths of those who don’t know (which is why the phrase “… in most cases” is used). A small clarification to make it clear that this short article is for people who didn’t know they were handling fake money and paid for something in a store with them. So, what comes next is mostly for people who want to live legally, point them in the right direction, and help them avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you have counterfeit money, what dangers do you run?

Many wonders, especially among the big number of nice folks, that is, those who adore legality, what you risk paying, unknowingly, with a fake notes.

Let’s cut to the chase and get right to the point by defining the legal distinction between possessing and using counterfeit money. The Italian law is harsh on those who exchange counterfeit money with malice but ignores those who possess it. What does it imply? Based on what has been discussed so far, it is possible to conclude that carrying a false banknote and keeping it at home or in your wallet is not a crime.

What happens if the city, unknowing that it has received a counterfeit banknote, pays for a commodity and the merchant discovers the money’s illegality? This is precisely the point at which the suspicion of a crime is aroused. Remember the opening paragraph’s sentence? Boom! The honest citizen’s heart bursts, and he struggles to utter the same statement. Is he guilty of a crime?

You’re perplexed, aren’t you? Let us clear once and for all what you risk when you hold and utilise counterfeit money:

A crime is only committed when someone intends to sell counterfeit banknotes (willful misconduct). The mere possession of counterfeit money is not a crime. On the other hand another source is a person who buy counterfeit money online for intentional onward usage in purchasing stuff

You cannot speak of a crime if there is good faith, i.e. you were not aware of the untruth of the money utilised (in this case, the element of voluntariness is missing, a point of reference for fully configuring the criminal case).

What should be your approach?

Now that we know the difference between having fake money and using it, let’s talk about what to do if you find yourself holding a fake banknote.

As has been said in a roundabout way, it is good to know that money shouldn’t be wasted. If not, one goes back to the idea that they are dealing with fake money. The best thing to do is to go to any bank and have the note checked. If it turns out to be fake, the bank will take it back. No money will be given back, but a copy of the fake banknote and a detailed report will be given.

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