How Do You Get a Second Citizenship?

The standard process of obtaining citizenship of another country takes many years. First you need to apply for a residence permit, which gives the right to live in another state for a long time. After 5-7 years, you will be able to apply for a permanent residence permit. And after a few years, after passing a series of tests on the knowledge of the language and the peculiarities of local life, you will finally receive a second passport.

If you do not agree to wait so long, and business at home does not allow you to spend most of the year in your second homeland, do not despair. Several countries are ready to significantly speed up the process of obtaining citizenship for foreign investors. In such a progressive way, governments attract additional investment in the economy of their country.

Imperial & Legal specialists are ready to assist domestic investors in obtaining citizenship in several countries at once. The most expensive and, perhaps, the most prestigious option will be the UK.

Second Citizenship in England

There are no special programs in the country of Foggy Albion that provide for obtaining citizenship by investment, but if you are ready to invest in the real sector of the British economy, you and your family will be treated in a special way. The minimum investment starts from £2 million, and the maximum from £10 million. Anyone who has invested to the maximum can apply for permanent residence after 2 years, and after another 3 has the right to apply for naturalization.

All these years you will need to live in the country. The UK is strict with its future citizens, but the game is worth the candle, as the British markets provide an excellent opportunity to earn money, laws allow you to optimize taxes, and life in the British Isles is as comfortable and safe as possible. The holder of a United Kingdom passport is a welcome guest in many countries around the world.

European Citizenship by Investment

In the rest of Europe, several countries run government programs that offer citizenship in exchange for investment in the economy.

We would like to draw your attention to such jurisdictions as Cyprus , Malta and Montenegro .


Allows the investor to become the owner of an EU passport in 7 months, which, in turn, gives the right to live, study and work in any corner of the European Union. The country has long been considered a tax haven. The applicant does not need to live in Cyprus, but €500,000 of the €2,150,000 required for investment will not be refundable, as they will be spent on the purchase of permanent housing on the island.


A picturesque archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and another famous European tax haven. The process of obtaining a passport takes 12 to 14 months. The Republic of Malta is a member of the European Union, so citizenship here gives the same opportunities as in any other European country on the continent. You do not need to live on the islands to obtain a passport, but you still have to visit the country several times. The standard investment option for one applicant will be €1,150,000. More than half of this amount will be spent on a gratuitous contribution to the state, the rest – on the purchase of real estate and shares of local companies. The invested funds can be returned after 5 years.


Part of the former Yugoslavia and candidate for EU accession. Already, the passport of this country gives the holder ample opportunities for business and travel. Economic citizenship can be obtained after 6 months by investing from €350,000 in the local economy, of which €100,000 will go irrevocably to the state fund.

Economic Citizenship in the Caribbean

Our story will be incomplete if we do not write about the most advantageous offer at the moment. The tiny Caribbean states that are members of the British Commonwealth are very interested in the influx of foreign investment in the economy, so they are ready to issue passports to you and your family in exchange for investments that are incomparably more modest than in Europe. In brochures, they write about investments from $100,000, and with some reservations, this statement is not far from the truth.

A Caribbean passport does not give its holder the same opportunities for travel as EU citizen, although it is practically no different in terms of doing business and optimizing taxes. The applicant is not subject to a lot of strict requirements, as in Europe, and the very registration of citizenship in most jurisdictions can be remote.

Imperial & Legal is an authorized agent in the Caribbean for Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Saint Lucia and Grenada.


As you can see, there are a lot of options for obtaining a second passport for investment, and all of them differ in conditions and opportunities provided to a foreign investor. Experienced lawyers at Imperial & Legal will suggest an investment citizenship option that fully meets your needs. And if you decide not to limit yourself to only obtaining a second passport and want to explore your new homeland from the inside, qualified specialists of our company will organize a comfortable move for you, as well as help you make the most of the opportunities of your new homeland to expand your business and optimize taxes.

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