How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Scaffold Tower?

The work of building homes, bridges, and huge buildings is made more accessible with the help of a scaffolding tower. Whether you want to renovate, repair, or decorate, this tower will provide you with maximum safety and s stable platform where you can easily stand and do your work.

People think they can use the ladder instead of the scaffolding tower, but that comes with risks. Therefore, it is wise to choose a scaffolding and securely work on heights. And the prices for this tower vary according to various factors.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Scaffolding

The following are the significant factors that play an essential role in the price of the Scaffold Tower.

Size and the Height of the Tower

The higher and the wider the scaffolding platform, it will cost higher. So, you have to determine the tower size for your project because it will set you back financially. Because these two are the most significant factor when it comes to the cost of the tower. Moreover, these towers come in various heights and are adaptable.

Number of Walking Levels

Secondly, you must also determine the number of wheels your project requires. The number of levels depends on the type of work you want. For instance, painting and plastering need multiple levels, while repairing something will require fewer levels.

Hiring Time

The cost of the scaffolding also varies according to tot the hiring time. For example, hiring it for one week will cost less, but if you want to employ the platform for two to six weeks, it will cost more. So, you should know the nature of your work and how long it will take to complete the project.

Scaffolding Tower Hiring Costs

Most of the companies rent scaffolding towers weekly, but if you want to hire them for a short period, you can contact a local company for this. Furthermore, the costs also depend on the type of tower you choose for your project. Thus, the following are the standard prices that most of the companies offer for the building;

  • Small tower -£45 per week
  • Medium tower – £90 per week
  • Large tower – £160 per week

Moreover, you can talk to the company and know their prices before hiring their scaffolding tower.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To summarize the discussion, we can say that it is essential for the constructors to provide the workers with a safe and securer platform where they can efficiently work. They can work properly when they are free from the tension of any accident or fall. So, if you want to hire a scaffolding tower for your project, nothing can beat the pricing and the quality of the A&C Scaffolding LTD. We have a wide range of building that comes in various sizes, lengths, and wheels to make it easy for the workers to work. You can discuss the details of the project with our experts and negotiate the prices with them so that you can get what’s the best for you.Thus, the following are the standard prices that most of the companies offer for the building;

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