How to Apply Press On Nails

Want to join the trend of Press On Nails but don’t know how to apply them? We got you! We are here to explain How to Apply Press On Nails!

It’s not long before you realize that having manicured perfect nails will immediately boost your mood. It’s not necessary to abandon your dream of getting a perfect manicure, or even attempt to apply nail polish since you’re not able to reach your nail technician today. Press-on nails can be applied easily, and they’re much more simple than you think. Gina Edwards, celebrity nail artist and KISS ambassador, wanted to learn how to apply press-on nails with the precision of professionals.

SIZE Maters

Each nail in your kit could be different in size. You can confirm that you’ve picked the right nail by checking the number printed on the back of the nail. Zero is the thumb size and 11 is for your pinky. The size isn’t the only factor to think about. Edwards states, “When choosing a pressing-on design, select a style that is compatible with your everyday life.” Edwards recommends going smaller when you can choose between various sizes. This will make sure that the piece doesn’t interfere with your skin.

CLEAN Very First

The preparation is the key to a successful manicure. Edwards says that after you have removed the excess skin from your cuticles, you should clean your nails using alcohol prep pads. This ensures there’s no dirt or oil on your hands. This will help the press-ons adhere better to your nails. A lot of press-on kits like the ones from ImPRESS, come with pads. A cotton ball that has been soaked in rubbing alcohol is employed to apply polish to your nails. This can help remove any polish.


The sticky tape is included in the set if prefer using press-ons for temporary fixes. Use a bit of glue to prolong the life of your nails that Edwards states will last between five to 10 days. She says that based the way you live and your lifestyle, you might be able extend the duration of your glue to 10 days.


Apply the press-ons by pulling the nail to the cuticle line. Apply pressure to the nail’s middle and then pinch the sides to secure the adhesive.


While it may be tempting to apply the glue right away after it has touched the nail’s natural surface but it’s better to wait until you’ve formed the entire set. Edwards suggests sculpting the nails beginning at the sides of the nail. This gives them a an organic look. To achieve natural-looking nails, contouring is crucial because every person’s nail beds are different.

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The KISS ambassador says that “Removing the nail that is pressed-on is simple.” “If you put on a nail using self adhesive and you want to remove it, you can do so by using warm water and a little oil. If, however, you decide to apply glue, the procedure differs. Edwards suggests that you either soak your nails with an acetone-based cleanser in a small dish of ceramic or glass dish for about 10 minutes or apply an adhesive remover like Glue Off by KISS Products.


Certain nails, such as the imPRESS sets, are just good for a single use, however there are many nail sets which can be used repeatedly. Static Nails are an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a set that could be reused over and over.

What are Press-on Nails? 

They are also referred to as press-on nails or glue-on nails. They are constructed from acrylic resin. There are a variety of acrylic resins, and the precise ingredients differ between models and brands.

I believe that pressing-on nails are the most wonderful thing since slices of bread. There are no more fake nails you would only buy for your teenager daughter. They are a great alternative to salon visits when you don’t have the time.

What Are the Benefits of Pressing-on Nails for You?

They are, first of all, very inexpensive. Static Nails are available for purchase at about $20, however the typical cost is around $8.

Making my nails ready and applying my falsies takes less than 10 minutes. It helps make getting ready for an event easy. I’ve even put the falsies in my car when traveling to an event two times! While it may take a bit longer to apply the falsies for the first time, it’s not a huge issue.

They make my nails appear healthier than they have ever (be sure to reference my !!!) tips).

They are very easy to eliminate without damaging nails.

The wide range of colors and designs available is what I love of pressing-on nails.

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What is the length will nail clips that are pressed on last?

While press-on nails may last up to two weeks, I have found that the typical is around one week. Careful preparation and preparation are essential to ensure that the nails last longer as per my experience. Below, I’ll go over the steps I suggest.

Are your real nails damaged due to pressing-on nails? __S.59__

The nails that you press-on won’t cause harm to the natural nails, as long as you follow the guidelines that are outlined below.

Your nails are more likely to get damaged by soap, water, or Acetone. Make sure you use acetone each when you polish your nails. There are some things to strengthen your nails and healthier.

If you’re still worried about the ingredients used in nail glue, I recommend applying a good base coat on your nails prior to applying the adhesive strips or glue. Follow the steps below. The most important thing to remember is to not press-on nails that damage the natural nails.

Let Your Nails That You Press-On Last Longer!

These four tips can aid you in prolonging the life of your nail press-ons:

Tip 1 : Clear polish is a good choice under glue, however it is recommended to use ruby alcohol to get rid of any oils that are natural.

Tip 2: Apply a solid nail glue to the reverse of your nail that you press-on and your natural nail.

Tip 3 : Apply the adhesive by applying the nail with pressure for 30 minutes. This will allow the adhesive to be evenly distributed across all surfaces, which results in an even stronger bond. This makes it easier to adhere nail-ons that are press-on.

Tips 4: To make sure that your nails are correctly stuck, don’t clean your hands for at least 2 hours. This is the method I prefer because it reduces the possibility of washing your hands accidentally.

Tip 5: Apply an overcoat of hardener in order to provide your nails with a polished appearance and help them stay longer. It also strengthens the nail’s surface, making it stronger and more durable.

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