How To Clean A Clear Phone Case And Other Spec Matters

Your telephone case does more than just protect your tool from drops and bumps. It’s an extension of your persona and personal brand, your pass-to accessory that tells the sector who you’re, without pronouncing something. Click here

As we’re constantly catching up and displaying off, you need your case to look pristine. Make sure that oils from creams and sweat, as well as dirt from the day-by-day grind, don’t interrupt your waft with a proper cleaning ordinary. We’ve given you protection in opposition to bacterial increase with MicroBan®, our integrated antimicrobial product safety, however, you will nevertheless want to refresh your case sometimes to keep it searching ideal. How do you clean a clean case? How do you refresh those instances with a matte or gentle-contact finish? 

You can get some more knowledge on how to clean a clear phone case

Keep Your Cellphone Case Smooth With Diy Cleansing Pointers From Spec

There are one-of-a-kind techniques you could take to clean your clean cellphone case as well as your other instances, and all of it depends on how awful the case is.

For small stains and dirt, use dish cleaning soap and warm water.

To medium stains and dust, use isopropyl alcohol.

For harder stains, use baking soda and an antique toothbrush.

Different stains call for exceptional ingredients. But first things first, earlier than you start, take away your case out of your smartphone. You don’t want to harm your device (even when you have a water-resistant cellphone!).

How To Smooth A Lightly Stained Case: Dish Soap And Water

Fill a bowl or sink with warm water and add a pair of drops of dish cleaning soap (Dawn or Sunlight paintings properly).

Use a soft material or toothbrush to clean the outside of your case in round motions. Make sure you find difficult-to-attain elements like the internal ring, digicam slot, button, or charging port hollow.

Rinse and repeat as wished. If scratches and marks continue to be, try using an eraser to ease out the imperfections.

Once your case is easy, dry with a tender fabric and allow it to air dry for 1-2 hours before setting it returned to your cellphone.

How To Ease A Medium Stained Case: Isopropyl Alcohol

Note: If you have a Spec CandyShell, Presidio Clear, Stay-Clear, or Perfect-Clear case, we do now not propose the use of isopropyl alcohol as it could harm your case and void your guarantee.

Pour a small amount of isopropyl alcohol onto a gentle material and begin scrubbing your cellphone case. Make certain you are finding hard-to-attain locations (just like the sides of the case) where dirt and dirt like to hide. The alcohol must take away and increase more difficult stains.

Once you’re performed with the outdoors and indoors of the case, take a gentle dry cloth and wipe down the case till you remove any last alcohol. Your case should experience dryness to touch.

Allow the case to dry for 1-2 hours before placing it returned to your telephone.

How To Easy Difficult-Stained Instances: Baking Soda

Cover case or unique stain with a small quantity of baking soda

Take a soft-bristled toothbrush and moisten the bristles. Once it’s miles saturated, scrub off any tough marks and stains on the case. Get to the inaccessible locations (edges and corners) where dust and filth like to hide. The baking soda must work tough to combat the stains and dust.

Wipe off any last baking soda with a smooth, smooth material. After cleansing the case, allow it to dry for 1-2 hours earlier than placing it back on your phone.

When it involves cleaning a smooth case, we advise cleaning soap and water, or baking soda. We suggest that you preserve cleaning it regularly to preserve your case searching its excellent so that you can maintain experience the appearance and experience of your telephone.

We realize cleanliness is critical to you. This is why we’ve embedded Microbean® on the cell degree in many of our instances. Microban® reduces bacterial increase at the floor of the case with the aid of as much as 99%, assisting to defend your case from odor and stain-inflicting bacteria for the lifestyles of your case.

Microban® will by no means wash or wipe off, protecting your case from bacterial growth regardless of wherein you go. It also approaches you could pass approximately your cleansing routine without disturbing about decreasing the effectiveness of the micro band.

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