How to Get a Car Key Replacement

Losing your car keys can happen at the most inconvenient of times – when loading groceries into your trunk or stopping for gas at a station. For best results, get your VIN and visit a locksmith who specializes in automotive locks.

Classic non-electronic key copies are simple and affordable to duplicate at your local hardware store, while laser cut keys with transponder chips installed can become increasingly costly to reproduce.

Feeling Lost?

Losing our keys can be an immense burden and disruption to daily life, yet it happens all too frequently. Maybe in a rush we put them in the passenger seat before heading into a grocery store or dropped them after exercise session? Whatever the cause may be, losing car keys can be an enormous hassle that causes tremendous disruptions to daily routine.

Your first instinct may be to search everywhere; from obvious places such as your pocket, bag or purse to less visible spots like an old junk drawer. And when they don’t show up you might feel frustrated – only for it all to turn into anger at yourself for being so forgetful.

Before panicking, calling a spokane guard locksmith for assistance can often help. A traditional key with no extra features that fits directly into your ignition can usually be replaced quickly and affordably by them; but for smart keys with more complex features that require programming to your specific car’s VIN number a dealership visit would likely provide faster results and cost more but will generally provide quicker solutions than waiting for lost keys to turn up on their own.

Need a Spare?

Not long ago, losing car keys was no cause for alarm; you could easily replace them at any hardware store or car dealership. With today’s key fob technology however, getting replacement keys may be more challenging – though that doesn’t mean having a backup is no longer an option!

If you own a traditional double-edged car key (non-transponder), this can easily be replaced at your local hardware store for less than $10. Just bring in your original key along with proof that it belongs to you – registration or title papers would do.

Key fobs are more complicated items that must be created by professionals to operate effectively and can be used to lock/unlock doors as well as start your vehicle. Replacing one may cost anywhere between $220-$500 depending on its model of car.

Note that if you lose your smart key, roadside assistance will need to pair a new computer chip with your vehicle and have proof of ownership on file; then wait a few days as they may need to order from the factory before receiving a key replacement.

Locked Out?

An unfortunate circumstance of losing a key is being locked out of your car without having a spare. But this doesn’t have to be as problematic; depending on whether or not your key fob supports an RFID chip, getting replacement keys could differ accordingly.

Traditional car keys can often be made instantly while waiting at a locksmith shop, thanks to machines which use existing car keys as security measures; for this process to work effectively you may need the original. However, with smart keys this process may differ; typically having it towed to the dealership is necessary and proof of ownership will need to be provided; once there, they’ll pair a new key fob electronically with your vehicle.

In such instances, it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on programming a new key fob. While you might be able to do it yourself at times, professional services are generally preferable in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. Furthermore, contact your car insurance provider as some offer programs designed specifically to assist with key replacement expenses or reimburse towing charges in certain instances.

Lock Repair?

Losing your car key can be costly, so if it goes missing there are multiple methods you can employ to obtain a replacement and the costs involved depend on what kind of car it is.

Older cars with traditional keys (metal keys that insert directly into the ignition cylinder) can be easy to replace: take your spare key to any hardware store and they’ll make you a new one for under $10. Losing your original key, however, could prove more complicated; an automotive locksmith who specializes in replacement keys should be able to make you one if provided enough details such as model and year of your car as well as proof of ownership such as registration or title documents.

If your key has a smart key, transponder key or switchblade lock, replacement will require going directly to your dealership. They must program it specifically to work with your car which may prove costly; while certain key fobs may be reprogrammed by pressing certain buttons; instructions will likely exist for your specific car model. assistance services often offer towing to dealers for this service as an alternative – though their charges may be higher than going directly.

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