How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls and Attics

Residents often deal with varied types of rodents, which is quite common among them. Mice infestation is a situation to worry about, and it creates some real issues whenever they start spreading, mainly during the winter. Therefore, it is vital to hire the professional services of Pest Control Geelong.

These rodents will start invading your home to escape the cold weather, and most of the areas they prefer are the walls, attics, and kitchens. Attics and walls are well-known among mice since it is hardly accessible by humans.

How do you get rid of mice?

1. Knowing whether there is a mouse in your attic

Before entering into this business of removing the mice in your attic, you should understand whether there are a few notable signs. Let us check out a few signs you should check out to indicate that there are mice present.

Always note those scratching with the tinier feet against those attic floors. The scurrying, scuffling, and noises are clear indications of their existence. There are times when you hardly hear anything; however, it never rules out any possibility of the presence of mice in the attic.

Daytime at the moment when these mice fall asleep, and at night the activity is entirely different as it is the primary time when you start to hear them moving around and scratching the walls.

2. Why Attics make the resting place for mice

The primary reason mice make the attic its nesting ground is due to several factors associated with food, insulation, and shelter.

They start gathering in the areas where the food is within their reach, although it is almost not likely for them that the food gets stored in the attic itself as they are edible virtually all the time.

The shelter is the primary justification, preferring seclusion from predators and dangers. Additionally, it protects them from the environment, particularly the bitter cold. These creatures also use your boxes and insulation to build tunnels and labyrinths.

3. Tips for Eliminating Mice in Your Attic

We have outlined the warning indicators and the motives behind their desire to enter your attic. Let’s examine these strategies for getting rid of mice in attics. These cover anything from preventive actions to practical, immediate solutions:

·        Start by sealing those entryways

The best course of action is to block off and seal any potential entry points the mice may have exploited to build their nests in the attic.

Your priority should be to patch any holes, and the ones more significant than a quarter of an inch should be the first to be examined.

Close the small holes present in the gaps using steel wool scouring pads or a caulk.

Mice can easily fit through gaps located between windows and doors. Make sure your screens, doors, and windows all fit snugly. Weatherproofing strips are used to block mice from entering through loose-fitting doors.

·        Trim down the trees and the bushes.

Ensure to eliminate all potential mouse entry locations after sealing up the openings.

Mice can also utilise branches to reach the roof because they are small and agile. Trim any trees and plants whose branches extend near your home.

You can make sure they can’t access the attic in this method.

·        Ensure Food Storage Areas are Secure

Make sure your storage rooms are mouse-proof because mice gravitate toward food sources. Meats and dried grains should be kept in airtight containers. These could be glass jars, metal containers, etc.

Invest in materials that mice can’t chew through. It protects your food from these pests.

·        Clear the clutter from the basement and attic.

De-cluttering and cleaning the attic are additional options. It aids in clutter removal, keeps mice from building nests in the attic, and saves you the extra step of searching for unwanted objects that require removal.

·        Garbage Disposal Typically,

Retaliation is required for this preventive approach, in addition to organising and clearing the clutter from the attic. Garbage disposal regularly makes sure that no rodents are drawn to your property.

This specific task can provide several protective measures, and it is profitable to carry on doing this without hesitation.

·        Set up the mouse traps.

We have moved past the preventive measures and are now more focused on pest control.

These might be anything from kind to outright deadly.

Cage traps are ideal for catch-and-release techniques and function as a humane way to catch mice. However, some mice and rats are too much of a pest to bother catching and releasing outside.

Rats and mice are caught with glue traps. As soon as they come into contact with the adhesive surface, it ensures they can’t go away. Snap traps work well for catching these tiny critters.

We advise against using cheese as bait since it rots over time, inviting mice into the traps. Instead, bait the traps with long-lasting foods like peanut butter or chocolate.

Using mouse bait stations would also be effective. When put in places where mice have easy access but are out of children’s grasp, these poisoned things work marvellously.

When utilising traps, keep in mind to check on them regularly and get rid of any mice that are dead or dying especially. The smell can spread and result in other issues if it is not controlled.

·        Using Professional Services

Now, call the professionals to finish the task if all of your DIY attempts fail or don’t work out. To aid you in removing these pests involves assistance from professionals.

Our qualified experts are equipped with the necessary training and gear.

It guarantees a high rate of success in getting rid of the mice. By doing this, the problem is remedied securely and efficiently.

4. Repair and cleanup

What should you do after the mice are removed from your attic?

Check now to see if the mice have caused any harm. If the wirings were broken, replace them if you can instead of repairing them.

Cracked places and leaking pipes are other things to look for. To avoid more instances of a mouse infestation, try to repair them as much as possible.

Final thoughts

De-clutter the attic as well to stop other bugs from building nests there. Mice and spiders are a couple of the critters that love clutter. You should hire professionals from Pest Control Geelong for extensive pest removal services.

Always ensure that your home is free from rodents, whether the interiors are cold or the exteriors hot.

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