How to have a happy married life?

Who does not want happiness? We all want happiness in all domains of our lives, especially when it is related to our lovemaking life. Everyone has a dream of having a healthy and happy lovemaking life. Here, we will tell you things that make it a happy lovemaking life.

As a couple, when you spend time together, be it 30 days or 30 years, you are concerned about what makes it a happy lovemaking life. Getting into a relationship is easy, but maintaining it is not easy. So you both have to learn tips that make it a happy one. In this way, you both can make a difference.

A happy lovemaking life consists of maintaining physical and mental health. You cannot take any one of them lightly. Whenever you enter into a loving relationship, make sure that you are mentally and physically ready for it. Ask yourself beforehand about it. No one is allowed to force you for it. Therefore you should never get into a loving relationship under someone’s forcing. Always make sure that it is your own decision and that both the partners have a mutual decision.

If you have any problem with your lovemaking life, you must consult with a healthcare provider. Never feel ashamed about it. To get an expert opinion, you can consult with the best sexologist in Lahore.

Often people think that a happy lovemaking life means how many times you can have lovemaking and how vigorous it is, or how powerful you can perform in the bed. But it is wrong.

A happy lovemaking life means how comfortable both partners feel with each other after maintaining a loving relationship. It means that you both can have pleasureful lovemaking with safety. You both feel good about each other. Happy lovemaking life has nothing to deal with several intimacy episodes. It is still possible that you are having intimacy daily and still not feeling safe and comfortable with each other. Therefore you should take a break and think is your intimate life happy intimacy life?

A road to happy intimate life is that you both can communicate well with each other.

 How Can You Have A Happy love Life?

To have a happy intimate life, you can practice the following tips:

 Schedule Time

You both should schedule a time to talk about intimacy. So that it does not come out in anger or frustration. When you both schedule a time beforehand, it can happen peacefully. Moreover, choose the time when you both have no distractions around you, and you can focus well on the topic.


Many people avoid discussion about intimacy. But it is wrong. Discussion is a necessary thing to have a happy intimate life. You should tell your partner what you want and what can please you more. Moreover, you should also ask them about what they want from you during intimacy and what can make them happy. During the discussion, do not judge each other or make your partner feel bad. Instead, be very gentle towards them. And decently communicate all the matters.

Make Suggestions

Instead of complaining, you both can suggest what you like and what can make you feel happy. However, make sure you politely do that. During communication, make sure you are honest and clear. If you can not say something, you can write it on a piece of paper and give it to your partner.

The Bottom Line

Intimacy is done for pleasure. But to have a happy intimate life, you need to take steps. Ask your partner about how they feel good and what can make them feel happy. Having good communication can be a key to happy intimacy life.

If you have any problem in your intimacy life, you must consult with a healthcare provider. Be comfortable in talking with your doctor. To get an expert opinion, you can consult with an Online Sexologist.

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