How To Increase Sex Time With Medicine For Male?

The definition of sex varies from person to person. For some, sex is from the start, foreplay, to reaching orgasm, but some consider penile-vaginal penetration as sex. In today’s era, sex education and knowledge in youngsters, men, and women are common and a click away. Yet there are many sexual health concerns and social stigma about sex, especially men’s erection and sexual performance. These erroneous notions impact men the most, and they often end up online searching how to increase sex time with medicine without even knowing what should be considered sex time.

Although the media and TV have contributed much to understanding sexual activities, they also made society believe that men are superheroes inside the bedroom. These societal expectations made men remain silent about their sexual problems or seek doctors for professional help. It is desired in men that they should last longer while penetrating and hold an erection for a prolonged period. Further, some also believe that the size of the penis plays a role in getting extreme pleasure. For such reasons, men are looking for penis enlargement and how to increase time in bed. So, it is necessary to know beforehand about sex time, some essential sex tips, and how to increase sex time with medicine briefly-

What is Sex Time?

Sex time does not mean having penetrative sex for thirty minutes. Honestly, it is not possible. Desirable intercourse or penetrative sex time is between 10-15 minutes, according to researchers and sex therapists. The term sex time refers to the time taken from start to end, which means from fore playing to having sex and reaching orgasm. There is very little research published about how long sex lasts. For most people, sex is from fore playing to getting an orgasm, while some consider having penetration as sex. If your focus is only on penetrative sex and you want to last longer during it, then you must consult sexologists at IASH to know how to increase sex time with medicine.

What is the average sex time?

The sex time varies from person to person or couple to couple. The estimated sex time is around 45-50 mins for a couple to have ultimate pleasure. The estimated sex time includes foreplay, oral sex, and penetrative sex. Foreplay should be of good 15-20 mins, oral sex (give and take) should be 15-20 mins, and penetrative sex 10-15 mins. 

According to therapists, penetrative sex lasting under 3-5 minutes is a cause of concern, and you should seek a doctor to know how to increase sex time with medicine and its treatment. 

Sex lasting for 5-10 mins is adequate, and 10-15 is desirable, and staying for more than 15 mins during continuous penetration is too long. There is nothing to be concerned about because, according to research conducted in 2010, vaginal orgasm is linked to penetrative sex for a longer time.

What Can affect Sex time, or what could go wrong with sex time?

The problem with sex time in men can be due to sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, where a person cannot have penetrative sex for more than 2-3 mins. If a case is of PE, your doctor may help you understand how to increase sex time with medicine.

The second factor that can affect your sex time is age. Due to aging and factors affecting health, the duration of sex may decrease. Also, overall health and sexual health affect sex life and limit the time of penetrative sex.

Ways to increase sex time-

  • If someone wants to know how to increase sex time for men, then you may consider the following tips-
  • When a man is reaching orgasm, they may take a break from penetration and look for other ways to pleasure themselves and his partner. There are toys, tools, and medicine also available to delay orgasm.
  • Sharing your secret desires and needs helps your partner to enjoy sex more. It is for both men and women.
  • Have an intense foreplay session before penetrative sex. It increases the length of intimate moments and enhances the pleasure of both partners.
  • Deep breathing and visualization exercise helps delay orgasm.

How To Increase Sex Time with Medicine?

Most men are concerned about their sex time, as it directly affects their and their partner’s sexual life. Not only does it impact the sex life, but an unsatisfied sex life can turn you into a different person without you noticing it. It is why they look for various ways to enhance their sex time and performance. One of the ways is to undergo proper medications. But these medications can have severe issues if taken without any knowledge. So, consult IASH sexologists to know how to increase sex time with medicine.

There are many sex medications available on the market which will help to enhance stamina and sex time. These medications are primarily for men without side effects. Further, these medications have clinical approvals to increase sex time. Some of these medications are numbing lube for genital application, and some are for oral intake. The oral medications are used to enhance the libido, hence increasing sex time. We will take you through the list of sex medicine. But we still recommend you consult the doctor about how to increase sex time with medicine.

Tadalafil (Cialis), Sildenafil (Viagra), Avanafil (Stendra), Serotonin, and Vardenafil (Levitra) are oral medication that help in the treatment of ED. These medicines are also helpful to increase sex time. It is important to consult to doctor about its dosage before consumption. Lidocaine is a chemical composition gel applied on the penis to reduce pain or discomfort. There are many numbing creams available on the market to increase sex time.


There is no right or wrong duration of sex and no standard definition of sex time. If you still want to consider increasing your sex time, then IASH has the best sexologist in Jaipur present to help you understand how to increase sex time with medicine. Also, these trained doctors are experts in identifying the issues related to male sexual health. So book an appointment and solve all your concerns with the experts. 

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