How to Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness in Office Bathrooms for Employee Safety?

Since the pandemic, employees attending office have become way more aware and conscious about the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the office space. The intensity of this concern multiplies when it comes to using office bathrooms, which is why one can’t take a risk and must rely on top-notch hygiene products regarding employee safety. A happy workforce is synonymous with a productive workforce. So you are not only keeping them safe, you are also benefitting the business. 

Here are a few ways to maintain your office bathroom hygiene and cleanliness:

Use proven and trusted best-in-class cleanliness products. 

Using soap, random phenyls and ineffective toilet cleaners are not enough. You need to use a trusted product that everyone recognises and associates with sanitisation and hygiene. Dettol tops this list. Using best-in-class disinfectant products shows your employees that their health matters and that you care for them. When your employees notice that hygiene and cleanliness are not something that you as an employer take lightly, they will automatically feel more confident. For establishments, 5ltr Harpic toilet cleaners, the discounted price, is worth it. 

Ensure bathrooms look visibly clean

Using top-notch products is not enough; the bathrooms need to look visibly clean. It includes activities such as emptying bins, replenishing soap dispensers and, keeping them clean, mopping any water or spills. While disinfecting offers protection, appearance reassures the employees, and they feel happier using your bathrooms.

The bathrooms should not reek of lousy odour. 

Bathrooms must always smell fresh as foul odours are associated with dirty and unhygienic spaces, especially in bathrooms. Use air fresheners, urinal deodoriser blocks, and odour absorbers and clean the toilet regularly to ensure the bathroom appears clean and hygienic at all times. 

Provide hand soap in the bathrooms

Washing hands has become ubiquitous, especially during and after the pandemic in the fight against Covid-19. Though everyone provides hand soap in the office bathrooms, it is now more significant than ever. Hand sanitisers and hand soaps should be provided generously and in various key areas.

Make hand-drying facilities available in the bathrooms.

One must provide hand drying facilities in the bathroom. There should be disposable towels or hand dryers for effective hand-drying. It also prevents floors from getting wet and dirty. Traditional towels could be avoided as they tend to gold germs and require regular professional cleaning. Paper towels are recommended to avoid such a situation and all the hassle. 

Use the latest equipment and technologies in the office bathrooms.

Incorporating the newest technologies in the bathroom equipment will help improve the office bathroom’s cleanliness and hygiene. Deploying touchless equipment will minimise touch points, reducing the chances of germs spreading. Some touchless bathroom technologies are foot pedal or no-touch taps, automatic paper towel dispensers, automatic toilet flushing, auto-open doors, motion-sensor lights etc. 

Keep the office bathrooms well stocked.

When you keep the bathrooms well-stocked, you give your employees numerous chances to stay hygienic. This stock includes hand soap, toilet rolls, disposable towels and air fresheners. When these hygiene necessities are available in abundance in the bathrooms, employees can sanitise and clean their hands safely, improving the overall hygiene of people entering the office.

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