How to Save Money on New Shower Enclosure Installation?

If you’re planning a shower enclosure remodel, there are several ways to save money and still get the bathroom of your dreams. One way to save is to purchase a prefabricated shower enclosure. These are much less expensive than having a custom shower enclosure. Another way to save money is to purchase a shower kit. These kits come with everything you need to install a shower, including the shower base, walls, and door.

Find a Reputable Contractor for Shower Enclosure Installation

Regardless of the type of bathroom remodel you do. The first thing that should be in your mind is the need for a reliable and reputable bathroom fitter. And it becomes even more important when planning for a shower enclosure remodel. It is because, in the long term, a reliable bathroom fitter will prove to be more economical than the non-experienced one. Though, initially, it may look expensive. You should keep in mind that shower cubicle installation is a complex task that requires years of experience. In addition to that, a reputable contractor will be able to get everything complete quickly and efficiently. Which may help in reducing costs. 

Tip 1. Do Your Homework 

The best way to hire a reputable shower enclosure fitter is by doing some research online. It may involve searching on the internet, contacting various bathroom fitters, and reading their reviews. It is important to remember that you should not get into the trap of fake reviews and should know how to distinguish between the original and the fake. You may discuss their terms and conditions. You will be able to find the one with some research online locally. It is probably the most important part of your bathroom remodel. 

Tip 2. Get Multiple Quotations and Choose the one with a good reputation

You should get at least 3 quotations from the bathroom fitter. It should be after finalizing the list of the most trusted and reliable shower cubicle installers. It is not very difficult to assess the reputation of bathroom fitters. You may get this information online and offline too. Many people who already had their shower enclosure fitted may be able to tell you about their experience of hiring someone. 

Tip 3. Check Their License and Insurance

You may be tempted to hire someone with less experience and no license or insurance. But it may prove to be costly in the end. Therefore, you should hire a licensed plumber. It is because such plumbers are certified and have all the technical Knowledge and experience required to do the job efficiently.

Negotiate a Good Price

Negotiating the price can always prove to be fruitful. So, when it comes to hiring the bathroom fitter and deciding where to buy the shower enclosure. Therefore, it can be a great way to cut down the overall price of installation. 

Tip 1. Shop Around

The first thing that should be in your mind is that you should check multiple bathroom retailers to find which one of them offers the best price. It is highly likely that the same product is available with the other retailers too at lower prices. So, always make sure that you check and compare to find the best deals on shower cubicles for you. 

Tip 2. Be prepared to Bargain

You may see a fixed price for the shower enclosures on the bathroom retailers of your choice. But if you are on the high street, you may ask them for a discount. The same goes for online bathroom retailers. These have some sort of promotions going. In most cases, a manager may be able to offer you around a 10% discount on the overall prices. So, never forget to ask for it. 

Tip 3. Understand the Overall Costs Involve

It is imperative for anyone who wants to reduce costs to fully understand all types of costs and where to save them. When planning for a new installation of a shower enclosure, then a shower cubicle is not the only cost in it. You may have to make a purchase of a shower door and a shower tray as well. So, it is important you know what accessories will require and how much these will cost. 

Get all Materials Ready in Time for Installation

Once you have a plumber for a shower enclosure installation, and they are at work, you are responsible for paying the entire cost. Therefore, you will need to make sure everything for the installation is ready in time. 

Tip 1. Get and Check the Material in Time

It is important that you make sure that you check and get all the material required for the installation in time. For example, it is important that all the material is at your place for over a week before actual work starts. It is because there should be plenty of time available in case anything requires to be replaced or exchanged. It is your responsibility to open and check the boxes as these arrive so you can make sure everything will be ready to start the installation. 

Tip 2. Follow The Schedule and Stay on Track

Make sure your shower enclosure fitter will follow the schedule as delays and more times will again raise the costs. You must also keep track of the progress and expenses to ensure that you are within your budget. It is also advisable that you set a minimum as well as maximum budget so you have what maximum amount you can spend. 

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