How to Shave Your Inner Lips

Want to learn how to shave your inner lips but don’t know where to start? We have got you covered from the start till the end, as well as the aftercare!

You can be assured that I am aware of the significance of things other that are more important than your present state. Maybe you’ve never even considered shaving off the pubic hair. I’m not sure about your personal life. I don’t know what you’re doing!

Don’t do what I did. Instead, you should drag your razor over the skin until it’s smooth. This is exactly what my friend from ninth grade suggested I do. This can result in hair follicles growing back and tiny red bumps that could cause you to feel like a chicken. Instead, here are the best tips from CC Sofronas (co-founder of Pacific Shaving Co), to get you started.

Believe me when I say that shaved bikini lines depend on it.

First, gather the items

Be aware of the number of blades you will need when selecting a razor for delicate regions. She advised that fewer blades are more effective when it comes to the pubic area. It’s to remain safe. There is no need for an electric razor with 12 blades for your legs. It’s only going to irritate the skin.

The ideal number is anywhere between three and six blades. It is also possible to make use of the Dollar Shave Club 6-Blade or 4-Blade Razor Starter Set ($10) to assist you in making your decision. It includes two choices to help you determine which is the best fit for your needs. What’s the most important thing to consider? “You should have a razor blade that is sharp -it’s the first thing you need -and you must refresh it whenever the blade is feeling dull.”

Second Step: Trim as Needed

Hairs from the pubic area can cause irritation when they tug at your razor. Sofronas suggests that you buy small, sterilized scissors. We recommend the Tweezerman Hair Scissors for the face ($8).

If you don’t own any sewing scissors, you may make use of these. The expert advised you not to make use of large kitchen sheers because they can cause injuries when your pubic area is shaving.

If your hair is longer than it should after using scissors (the optimal length is around one-quarter of an inch according to experts) particularly in places that are difficult to reach, such as the area close to the labia -you can use the tried-and-true trimmer or attachment such as the Schick Hydro Silk 5 TrimStyle women’s razor ($13). The woman explained that this will make sure that the razor doesn’t get blocked too often.

3 Keep the Shave for the Last

If you’re shaving in the shower, you could make use of water and steam. Sofronas stated, “Save any shaving that you perform until the end” of your showering experience. It is possible to wash your hair with shampoo, conditioner, and other items you need. This makes it easier to shaving. It’s better to wash your face after the shower rather than in the beginning.

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4. Install the Barrier

You can pick between cream, oil, or mousse. It isn’t important what your choice is but it’s important that you’ve got one. Sofronas stated that you shouldn’t want your skin to become irritated by shaving dry or wet. A lot of people do know how to shave your inner lips but due to the lack of knowledge about which barrier to use, they end up suffering from razor burns and much more! A barrier can make shaving easier. The Pacific Shaving Company Ultra Slick Shave Stick ($9) is her top choice. It’s a clear solid formulation that forms foam when combined with water. It’s a shaving stick that appears like a bottle of deodorant. It’s extremely simple to apply. It’s simple to apply it on your skin unlike shaving creams it’s possible to detect the areas that you didn’t notice.

King C Gillette Transparent Shave gel ($8) is a good alternative if you’re looking for something that is easier to apply to the skin. A transparent formula like mousse or cream is an excellent choice for those who are new to the field. Be sure the product you choose to use does not contain harmful chemicals or scents which could cause an allergic reaction.

5th Step: Apply Skin Taut, then begin slicing

Let’s move on to the main moment. To get the most precise shaving experience, make sure you hold the skin tight. Sofronas said that you should shaving in the direction that hair is growing and in line with the grain. It isn’t advisable to make more than one pass over the same region.

If you’re a novice you should stick to one cut (that’s why trimming prior to when shaving will help), It is important to be comfortable shaving this region since it’s distinct. It is possible that your skin will be less firm, and your hair is more coarse than the ones on your legs. If you are compelled to shave more precisely after having repeated the process multiple times, you may make a second attempt at the growth of hair. “Then you can proceed to the next section. Make sure to wash your skin after every stroke.

Another thing you should know? It is important to be gentle around this region. This is the reason for nicks.

Note on shaving your labia

The skin that surrounds your lips and the labia is more fragile than the skin of the pubic bone. This is the perfect time to be patient.

Sofronas recommends elevating your leg on an elevated, flat surface to access the area with greater ease. It’s not easy, but try to maintain the skin’s tautness to keep from bumps. This makes shaving more secure.

6 Don’t Just Stop There

Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in successfully (and securely!) shaved the vulva. However, that’s just half of it. Keep your skin well-hydrated and soothed to decrease the risk of developing ingrown and razor bumps. To do this we suggest the Fur Ingrown Concentrate ($28).

Sofronas stated that having ingrown hair indicates that hair isn’t able to be pushed into the skin. It is important to use non-comedogenic after-shave lotions or oils, to avoid this. Exfoliation can help get rid of the skin’s top layer that’s accumulated over time.

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