How to Use Instagram to Promote your Squarespace E-Commerce Website

If you’re operating a Squarespace online store the most important question you have to ask is, “How can I increase the number of visitors to my site and increase sales online?” The process of running an online store can be laborious for the most part. If you’re looking to grow your online sales swiftly and efficiently, Instagram should be your preferred marketing tool to run your Squarespace online store. And to grow on Instagram, this link can help you easily.

What is the reason Instagram will increase online e-commerce Sales

Instagram boasts 500 millions of people who use Instagram each day. In the same way, Instagram is one of the most well-known social media platforms with a lot of potential customers to your business. Furthermore, Instagram has a huge influence on the way people buy. One study in which millennials were interviewed, they said that Instagram can influence as high as 70% of purchasing choices. Marketers are noticing the effectiveness Instagram is in generating sales. Due to this, websites builders are developing features that help users integrate with Instagram. It’s the reason why a union of Squarespace and Instagram is sensible.

 People love Instagram because it’s filled with gorgeous, fascinating pictures that are captivating and interesting. In the same way, Squarespace is one of the most visually attractive web builders available in the present. In addition to being a stunning site, Squarespace also functions and the Squarespace Commerce features allow you to use credit cards as well as PayPal transactions, market sales, display the products on pages for sale, and many more.

Are you looking to organically expand your Instagram and increase your number of followers?

Here’s how to connect your Squarespace E-commerce Store with Instagram There are many ways your Squarespace E-commerce store could work in conjunction to your Instagram account. We’ll show you how to connect your accounts, add tags for products on Instagram and integrate your Instagram feed to your Squarespace E-commerce site. Connect Accounts on Instagram and Squarespace. Instagram or Squarespace Accounts

Squarespace lets users connect up to thirty Instagram accounts on their website because so many users utilize Instagram to search for innovative items ( 60% of users) Connecting with your Instagram account is an investment that pays dividends in a variety of ways. To connect to connect your Instagram account with your Squarespace online store it is necessary take these steps

  • Sign out of your Instagram accounts.
  • Visit Your Squarespace home menu, and then select “settings.”
  • After you’ve logged in after that, click “Connected Accounts.”
  • Then step, select “Connect Your Account.”
  • Choose “Instagram” in the “Social Accounts” menu.
  • Make use of your Instagram login to connect.

Step 2 is adding your Facebook page to the Facebook Management:

  • Log into Your Facebook Business Manager account and choose “Corporate Settings.”
  • Next, choose “Accounts” after which click “Pages.”
  • Choose “Add.”
  • Select “Add an Page” to choose an created Facebook page.
  • Follow the instructions from Facebook Business Manager to complete the procedure.

Third Step: Convert to a Business Instagram Account

Once you’ve added the Facebook account in the Facebook Business Manager, then you’ll have to change the profile of your Instagram account back into a professional profile. Why? You’ll be connected the Instagram account you have on your Instagram accounts to your Facebook page that you linked with Facebook Manager Business.

  • Reboot your Instagram application then swipe left and choose “Settings.”
  • Scroll to the bottom until you’ll see “Switch into Business Profile.” Choose the appropriate option.
  • Follow your prompts till you can see “Connect to the Facebook page.

To import your products:

  • After you have selected “Products” within Facebook Business Manager After that, click “Add Products.”
  • Select “Use to Feed Data” and then click “Next.”
  • Choose “Set an Agenda.”
  • Create a new tab or window, and sign into your Squarespace website.
  • Click on your “Home Menu” of your Squarespace website and click “Marketing.”
  • Simply click “Products” on Instagram.”
  • Select “Copy.”
  • Go back to Facebook Business Manager, and move down the page till you can see “Add the Data Feed URL.”

Create a schedule in Facebook Business Manager to do regular uploads of your items to ensure that you don’t have to keep adding new products.

Enter the name of a feed and then choose the type of currency.

Step 7: Receive the Approval of Instagram

To link your Squarespace products to Instagram You need to get the approval of Instagram. This isn’t connected to Squarespace and doesn’t need you to fill out an application. Instagram HTML0automatically begins to review your site after you’ve completed the steps above. In order to be accepted, Instagram asks that store owners follow four basic rules: Be sure to comply with the Merchant agreement and their policies regarding commerce.

Make sure you have an Instagram professional profile.

Sell physical products.

Step 8: Start Tagging Products on Instagram

After you’ve received approval from Instagram Once you have received approval from Instagram, you can activate your Instagram business settings to allow shopping. This will allow you to tag posts that are new as stories, posts, or even include product tags in previous posts. Here’s how: In Instagram In Instagram, click “Settings” in your Instagram profile.

  • Select “Shopping.”
  • Choose “Continue.”
  • To connect your profile to your business choose a catalog of products.
  • Press “Done.”

If this option doesn’t exist it’s likely that your account is being reviewed. When you first begin to tag items to Instagram, Squarespace will offer analytics that allow you to see the amount of traffic and sales you’ve gotten from your posts that you’ve tagged and stories. For more information read the article by Squarespace on how to create shops on posts on Instagram.

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