Interesting Facts About Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard boxes are the most preferred choice in the packaging industry. The main reason for its worldwide acceptance is its distinctive features like durability, lightweight, eco-friendly and cost-effectiveness. Various new entrepreneurs are also turning towards custom boxes made up of cardboard to address their packaging needs. Cardboard packaging always seems a fascinating topic to talk about.

Although it’s the most popular packaging supply still there are a number of facts about cardboard boxes which people do not know. Cardboard is the most frequently used material in the modern world but it has a great history. Below are some of the interesting facts about cardboard packaging:

Cardboard Packaging Is More Than 100 Years Old

It would be a surprise to know that cardboard was created accidentally in 1800s. Thousands of paper bags were mistakenly cut by a factory worker, instead of creasing them. It was the idea of Robert Gair that paper bags should not be wasted. He thought that a box could be created if the flat pieces are folded together.

His efforts worked and he created a folding box template out of these ruined bags. The first commercial cardboard box was made in England by Sir Malcolm Thornhill in the year 1817.

Although it required extensive labor for its production it became famous when the Kellogg Company started to use it to package its cereals. By the 19th century, the cardboard boxes started replacing wooden crates and other packaging materials.

Cardboard Boxes Come In Different Shapes, Sizes, And Colors

The custom boxes usually come in square or rectangular shape, but they can be easily created in other shapes. If you want to design unique shaped cardboard boxes, contact any custom packaging company. Although such unusual shapes may not be versatile or convenient to use like that of a regular box, something innovative always attract.

Size of the custom packaging boxes can also be determined by the customer. People have a misconception that cardboard packaging comes only in brown color. Mostly they are designed with Kraft paper finish, but it is easy to manufacture them in a variety of colors. Colored boxes are made from colorful paperboard, which looks very attractive.

Agricultural Industry Uses Most Of The America’s Cardboard Boxes

Another interesting fact about custom cardboard boxes is related to American’s agricultural industries. People associate cardboard packaging with grocery or online shopping. But almost half of the custom boxes manufactured in U.S.A are used by its agricultural industry. These boxes are extensively used to carry food from the far

Most Cardboard Boxes Are Made From Recycled Paper

Various brands are fond of using custom printed boxes for their product’s packaging. But a few of them know that 70% of these new custom boxes are made from recycled paper and cardboard. This shows the eco-friendly nature of cardboard packaging. A used cardboard box can be easily recycled to make a brand new packaging supply.

Recycling takes only 75% of the energy needed to make a new cardboard. It produces 50% less Sulphur dioxide than to make it from raw materials. If one ton of cardboard is recycled, it saves 46 gallons of oil, 7000 gallons of water, 4000kW of electricity, 17 trees and 9 cubic yards of landfill space. Over 90% of the products in the U.S are shipped in custom packaging boxes made up of cardboard. Such amazing statistics shows the power of recycling and saving of natural resources.

Cardboard Packaging Is Used To Make Kids Crafts

Your storeroom is always filled up with a number of custom cardboard boxes which ends up in recycling. By little creativity, you can use these custom boxes to make interesting crafts for your kids.

There are unlimited ideas on the internet like a dollhouse, cars, cardboard aquarium, racing track, kitchen, wall hangings and much more. Using old custom printed boxes is a great way to engage your children for hours. They will have great fun with it. Moreover, it also reduces your occupied space.

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