Is vaping being banned?


In one fell swoop nearly 3 billion people were prohibited from access to e-cigarettes … is the UK vape restriction next?

Today, November 1st 2019 the world’s most populated nation, China, has formally prohibited the sale of all e-cigarette and also vaping items.

The globe’s 2nd most heavily populated nation India has likewise within the past 6 weeks outlawed the sale of vaping items.

The United States, the globe’s 3rd most populated country, has in current weeks, put e-cigarette and also vaping firms on red alert, with some states completely outlawing flavoured items with one state putting a temporary restriction ALL products.

Why? The true motivations for these restrictions is up for discussion however have been crackling away for a long time psychological of policy manufacturers as well as cigarette market stakeholders.

All that was needed was one tinderbox circumstance to kick them over the line. One of the most recent ‘US vaping fatalities crisis’ and ‘young people vaping upsurges’ proved the excellent stimulate for the snake pit of restrictions that adhered to.


What interests us the most is the disparity in method from the UK versus these other larger countries. Why is the UK apparently holding the torch for Vaping policy in the general public health fight versus tobacco? Have we gone absolutely mad? Has Brexit lastly sent us over the edge?


However think about the kids! The US is saying that “teen vaping” is an epidemic and is clambering to assemble a story that sustains this to enforce these restrictions. Also institutional health care professionals in some corners of the EU have actually followed suit.

Prof Charlotta Pisinger, the chair of the European Breathing Society Tobacco Control Committee said:.

Cigarettes must taste like cigarettes not like candy. Certainly it attracts children.” she remains in “no question” that flavours ought to be prohibited. “I understand challengers will state flavours are vital due to the fact that there will be heavy cigarette smokers who want to quit with e-cigarettes and they will certainly not find it as attractive, yet we have to think about the new generation of young people to make sure that they don’t obtain addicted to these products. It is far more important that we don’t experience a new epidemic of e-cigarettes.

Right so the use of an e-cigarette prior to any type of known long-lasting adverse health and wellness impacts have been verified is currently being referred to as an epidemic, by a medical teacher? Okay … I thought she could understand the interpretation yet plainly that’s trivial if you’re supporting for flavour bans.


11-18 Year Olds.


that have actually tried vaping in 2019.

11-18 Year Olds.


using e-cigarettes more than once a week in 2019.

11-18 Year Olds.


who vape since they believe it’s trendy.

11-18 Year Olds.


who have never smoked, yet have attempted vaping.

Greater than 3 quarters of 11-18 year olds have actually never tried (76.9%) or are not aware of e-cigarettes (6.6%).

Youths vape mostly just to give it a try (52.4%) not due to the fact that they believe it looks awesome (1.0%).

In 2019 15.4% of 11-18 year olds had attempted vaping, compared to 16.0% in 2018. This is an increase from 2015 when 12.7% of 11-18 year olds had tried e-cigarettes.

There has also been a rise in current use since 2015 from 2.4% to 4.9%, with 1.6% of 11-18 years of age using e-cigarettes more than as soon as a week in 2019.

Vaping is a lot less typical amongst young people that have never ever smoked. A huge majority of never ever cigarette smokers aged 11-18, 93.8% in total, have either never ever used an e-cigarette (87.8%) or are not familiar with them (6.0%).

Of young people aged 11-18 years of ages who have never smoked, 5.5% have ever before tried e-cigarettes, 0.8% are current vapers, only 0.1% vape more than as soon as a week, and not a single never cigarette smoker reported vaping daily.

Youngsters under 16 are much less most likely to attempt e-cigarettes than 16-18 year olds. 8.5% of 11-15 year olds have actually tried vaping, contrasted to 26.7% of 16-18 years of age.

resource: ASH report in June of this year.

In other words, the majority of customers of e-cigarettes as well as vaping products are adults who are ex-smokers or those proactively attempting to stop smoking cigarettes. This is specifically that the product is planned for.


So what does this mean for the future of e-cigarettes and also vaping throughout the globe as well as in the UK? It looks as though the remainder of the globe is on a collision course with a straight-out restriction on lots of e cig products.

As with lots of cultural standards, what takes place in the US is usually stood up as an example adhered to by the rest of the world, Vaping is no various it appears.

Michael R. Bloomberg, the owner and also bulk owner of Bloomberg Information as well as ex lover NYC mayor has actually lately vowed $160 million dollars to ban flavoured e-cigarettes. 2019 has most absolutely been among the darkest years for Vaping internationally as well as if the momentum remains to integrate then it can lead to a permanent action adjustment as well as a complete removal of e-cigarettes.


The light at the end of the tunnel, gold at the end of the rainbow, could be what we do below on our small island. The UK seems placing itself to be the globe leader in cigarette control policy and also the leader in vapour based cessation approaches. What provides this trajectory a legitimate backing is that we have actually done it previously, we have history on this subject, we have skin in the game. The Royal University of Physicians were the very first to draw definitive causal web link in between smoking cigarettes as well as lung cancer cells and also other associated illness..

With Brexit imminent, no matter if you concur or differ, the UK will be in a setting to determine its very own regulative body and also position on e-cigarettes and also vaping beyond Europe. There have been hugely positive strides this year from PHE building on the back of the EU’s Tobacco Products Instruction. This came to a head in a monstrous 111 web page paper entitled ‘Vaping in England: a proof upgrade February 2019’. The key takeaways that shine through are the list below suggestions to be embraced:.

The Committee discovered that some aspects of the vaping associated regulatory system appear to be keeping back their use as a stop cigarette smoking tool and also as such, recommended that the Government needs to:.

Review vaping associated guidelines (eg. limitations on pure nicotine strength, tank dimension, advertising and marketing ban on health insurance claims), along with the ASA and also the MHRA, and release a plan for attending to ‘anomalies’ in the next annual Tobacco Control Strategy.

Testimonial the level of tax on nicotine-related products which should straight represent the wellness threats that items existing, to encourage less harmful consumption. Applying that logic, EC needs to stay the least-taxed as well as cigarettes one of the most, with heat-not-burn products falling between both.

Basically if points proceed as they are after that points look quite bleak for the remainder of the globe but rather bloody fantastic for the UK! Let us know what you assume in the comments listed below!

By Michael Caine

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