Know How Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s Residence Looks Like From Inside!

Shikhar Dhawan has become a household name in India after the southpaw has performed for the team at every single level of the sport. After rising to fame from the 2004 U-19 World Cup, Dhawan patiently waited and continued to perform until he was handed India’s ODI cap against Australia in 2010. Three years later, he was handed an India Test cap against the same team in March 2013, while he debuted in T20Is against West Indies in 2011.

Cheerful and joyous by nature, Dhawan’s lifestyle and playing style are also the same. Having played 34 Tests, 142 ODIs, and 64 T20Is for the country, the southpaw has been a part of many Indian victories, where he has contributed too. But where does he keep all the trophies? Where does the fun-loving Dhawan go after putting all the hard work into his game?

The answer lies in Delhi, where the Indian batsman lives with his wife Aesha Dhawan, son Zoravar, and his newly adopted dogs, Chloe and Valentine. In various posts on his social media account, Dhawan gives glimpses of the luxurious apartment of Shikhar Dhawan. The sportsman’s spacious living room has peach-orange armchairs and large cream-coloured sofas in the sitting area, complete with a set of identical dark wooden coffee tables in the middle.

Light-coloured walls and matching marble flooring make the entire interior look beautiful. In the house’s dining area is a dark-coloured table with metallic legs placed in the centre with contrasting white-tone chairs, while the corner consists of some eye-catching showpieces and frames. Another favourite spot for the family ahead of the dining area is an extension of the living room. The place opens up to the balcony through sliding glass doors.

The cricketer’s kitchen also comes with a small adjoining terrace. Dark wooden cabinets and beige marble countertops in the kitchen add up to the entire look, whereas his bedrooms also follow a soothing colour combination and pattern. The bed comes with an off-white cushion headboard, while a TV stands out against a dark wooden panel, resting atop a low, light grey console at the opposite end.

Additionally, Shikhar also showed in one of his hilarious posts how he uses his bathtub to wash clothes. His bathroom diverges from the cream canvas of his bedroom, showcasing grey marble tiled walls with a white bathtub. This space adjoins a closet area where wooden floors and wardrobes with sliding glass doors create the perfect setting for the dress-up. A chest of ivory drawers stands out against the otherwise warm-toned palette of the area, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

Given Dhawan’s many match-winning efforts, he has earned plenty of trophies. Meanwhile, his wife Aesha, a kickboxer, has not won any fewer trophies inside the luxurious house. So, another section of their home is dedicated to their trophies that are brimmed with awards, and framed photographs arranged on a console.

A television, and a desk facing yet another balcony, complete the room. In another section of the couple’s home a selection of equipment, including bats, wickets, a helmet, and a pair of gloves, all neatly arranged on a blue platform.

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