Minimum Phone specifications to play Call of duty Warzone Mobile

Minimum Phone specifications to play Call of duty Warzone Mobile – Warzone, maybe for some people Warzone is familiar to the ears, yes, the battleroyale game from the Call of duty franchise has indeed become one of the most popular battleroyale games for the PC platform. Warzone is indeed a battleroyale game that was originally devoted to the PC platform by combining military elements typical of the Call of duty series with intense battleroyale gameplay.

Warzone presents a new gameplay in playing a battleroyale genre game, not only for Activision but also adding cool features to warzone which makes the gameplay in this game really tense like the presence of the UAV map feature, Cluster strike, Air drop, and many other interesting features in Warzone. Discussing about Warzone which is also a competitive franchise from Call of duty, it is not enough if you don’t delve a bit about its history.

Call of duty is a war-themed franchise game with themes from real world history such as the first, second world wars and several cold wars carried out by several country, this fps game franchise is indeed very successful and has a lot of fans, therefore the developer of this game has released many call of duty series such as call of duty Ww2, Call of duty black ops and the most familiar to our ears is Call of duty Modern Warfare, Call of duty Warzone was first released 2 years ago to be exact on March 10, 2020 Call of duty Warzone managed to combine the battle royale genre and military combat with the call of duty style so as to create an intense gameplay 2 years after the release of this game, it’s a rumor. or news about this game or warzone coming soon adir for mobile platforms is often heard in several forums or social media groups regarding this, the pros and cons of Call of Duty series fans are still often heard about this, although this news has not been confirmed by the developer, namely Activision. confirming that the warzone mobile game will soon be releasing the pros and cons of the more widely heard the majority of people who contra with the immediate release of warzone mobile is that this will damage the image of the warzone PC game and gameplay.

After previously Activision has confirmed that they will soon release warzone mobile and according to estimates that warzone will be released in early 2023, of course to play warzone mobile a device with qualified specifications is needed to be able to play this game smoothly and here IT smurf shares the minimum specifications of Phone to play Call of duty Warzone Mobile.

Minimum Specs

Chipset: Snapdragon 730G/Hisilicon Kirin 1000/MediaTek Helio G98/Exynos 2100 or above
Operating System: Android 10
Storage: 4GB

Recommended Specifications
Chipset: Snapdragon 865/Hisilicon Kirin 1100/ MediaTek Dimensity 700u/Exynos 2200 or later
Operating System: Android 10
Storage: 4GB

The final word
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Minimum Phone specifications to play Call of duty Warzone Mobile - IT smurf
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