Real-Life Way To Monetize a Blog For Extra Money Online

Now more than ever, people are around looking for brand-new methods to make a buck. Actually, if you’re here, you’re likely one such person. Job hunting is horrible. Working for somebody else feels like selling yourself short.

You’ve seen lots of ads screaming at you about just how simple it is to “make money online” or “be your own boss” types of internet cliches. And while it couldn’t be so fast or easy as the advertising gimmicks, there’s, in fact, a great deal of money to be made online with blog writing and email marketing.

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All you have to do to make money with a blog is load it up with links to useful items and after that, go market those items. Appears straightforward?

OK, we’re not crazy. This can be a somewhat complicated challenge. But there OK, we’re not insane. This can be a somewhat big difficulty. There are reliable approaches and also fantastic techniques to creating a blog and monetizing it using strategies like email marketing.

If you put your head down and also work vigilantly (as well as have a lot of perseverance), you can match your entire income from your job with cash made via email marketing as well as blogging.

So without further ado, let’s find out how I can earn extra money online by monetizing a blog!

Table of Contents – Monetize a Blog For Extra Money Online

  • How Many Views Should You Have to Monetize a Blog and Earn Extra Money?
  • Breaking Down Some Numbers – Affiliate Marketing With a Blog
  • How to Improve Those Numbers
  • Actions to Monetizing Your Blog
  • Just How Do You Monetize a Blog With Email Marketing? 
  • Key Elements of Monetizing Your Email Marketing
  • Making Use Of Constant Contact to Automate Your E-mails
  • Constant Contact – The Pros 
  • Constant Contact – The Cons
  • How Much Can I Make From Email Marketing?
  • Even More Numbers
  • Successfully Monetizing Your Email Blasts

How Many Views Should You Have to Monetize a Blog?

How Many Views Should You Have to Monetize a Blog

The short answer is: a lot.

The longer answer is: the more eyes you get onto your blog, the even more of those eyes will certainly move their hands over to your web links and also click on them. Once they do that, you have them exactly where you want them — that is exactly your goal.

The way you monetize your blog makes a big difference. Google AdSense pays you passively as you acquire web page views, however, the payment is minuscule. We’re talking fractions of pennies per audience member. At roughly $0.008 cents per page view, you would certainly need more than 12 million hits to make $100,000.

Breaking Down Some Numbers – Affiliate Marketing With a Blog

Doing a little bit more mathematics, let’s suppose instead that you obtain 100,000 views a month throughout every one of the web pages on your blog. Let’s say you’re accomplishing a completely doable 4% click-through rate off of that website traffic. That’s 4,000 clicks to your affiliate links!

Let’s assume that 2% of those clicks are converted as well as the product is purchased via the link, plus, each sale is worth $100. That’s an extremely reasonable compensation/profit margin. Despite these conservative metrics, you’re earning $8,000 monthly with almost no overhead costs of your own. It’s a big wow!

How to Improve Those Numbers And Monetize a Blog

Play with the numbers as well as see for yourself. If you can earn higher average commissions or profits (from higher ticket affiliate products), you could make even a lot more by attracting a fewer amount of traffic.

As for that, you will probably want to look for affiliate products that have greater payments. Or, produce a product of your own that can lead to the entire profit rather than sharing just a fraction of it.

The ideal number for you will certainly depend on your products or services, your ability to produce valuable content, and also your ability to create an email list to keep those consumers returning.

How Do I Monetize My Blog?

Even in a day and age where there is a lot of suspicion in advertising, marketing, and recognition about spam, email marketing can give your sales serious boosts in ways that social media marketing can’t. (or set you back a whole lot even more to employ).

There are a couple of ways to monetize your blog, but your best outcomes will originate from high-commission affiliate marketing and also from keeping those clients around by constructing a solid email list. 

Actions to Monetizing Your Blog

  1. Produce a blog as well as pick products and services to sell
  2. Sign up with affiliate programs and promote the affiliate products in your industry or niche
  3. Create useful and buyer-centric blog posts that place those web links before your readers
  4. Drive as much relevant traffic to your blog as you potentially can

There are tons of complimentary materials and online courses that can assist you to explore the waters of affiliate blogging. At the end of the day, all you’re doing is developing a site that makes cash referring sales to other individuals’ businesses.

Just How Do You Monetize a Blog With Email Marketing? 

How Do You Monetize a Blog With Email Marketing

Producing useful email content is a guaranteed method of retaining consumers and also driving them right back to your site. Done right, your emails are a product of your very own that you provide free of cost to entice potential customers to find and purchase from your affiliate links.

Bear in mind that beneficial and buyer-centric blog posts are the ones that will certainly create website traffic that clicks your web links. Having a cost-free product to offer through email like an e-newsletter or electronic book is a great way to catch email addresses.

Key Elements of Monetizing Your Email Marketing

  1. Choose one of the several email marketing automation services like Constant Contact.
  2. Develop beneficial cost-free content and email your list routinely.
  3. Leverage calls-to-action to drive readers to associated content on your blog or straight to your affiliate links.
  4. Make sure to avoid “spammy” or excessively salesy calls to action in your email like “Buy Now” or “Click Here.” Let the post itself promote the affiliate links later on. The email content must encourage visitors to visit your website.
  5. Make sure to follow proper email marketing guidelines to stay clear of getting banished to the spam folder.

Make Use Of Constant Contact to Automate Your E-mails

Constant Contact is a low-cost, user-friendly automation device for all things email marketing. It will certainly help you to develop lovely and professional-looking emails even if you have actually never ever written a marketing message before.

There are lots of solutions around that offer comparable services, yet there are some key advantages to Constant Contact …

Constant Contact – The Pros

  • FREE 60-day trial for the United States and also Canadian customers, with no credit card required (one of the best trials out there for autoresponders).
  • The support team will certainly connect with you multiple times during your trial period to answer any kind of questions.
  • Easy and effective email development interface loaded with awesome options and also functions.
  • 100+ attractive email design templates to select from, including a “Brand Your Email Feature” that enables you to develop a tailored email template in seconds based on the photos and also colors of your website.
  • A wide array of supported email categories including autoresponders as well as standard automation, recurring e-newsletters, A/B testing, event enrollments, promo codes, surveys, and also polls.
  • Automation is vital, so Constant Contact included effective innovation for autoresponders and also abandoned cart automation. They additionally offer automation based upon contact triggers (e.g. email open rates, clicks).
  • Comprehensive analytics for insights where you can track open, click rates, spam, bounce and unsubscribe rates. You likewise get click heat maps, as well as some valuable overview records such as open and click trends, open rates by device, as well as the top successful subject line. You can additionally contrast campaigns.
  • Easy-to-manage client lists, with the ability to categorize for future segmented marketing; you can also import your email lists from various other services.
  • Easy list building with lots of neat choices: email sign-up forms for your internet site, a Facebook application that permits you to let people sign up with an email opt-in form, and add contacts from your tablet computer at industry events with just a couple of taps, text-to-join abilities.
  • Spam and also layout testing will certainly permit you to preview your email on various systems as well as locate any errors for you.

Constant Contact – The Cons

No email autoresponders are perfect, and Constant Contact is no exception. Here are the two most significant drawbacks I have actually seen.

  • Several attributes indicate there is a whole lot to learn in order to make full use of the platform. This is a great issue to have since you can easily start with simply the fundamentals and work your way up to even more innovative features later on.
  • Not many industry-specific layout templates. The 100+ mobile-responsive templates are beautiful, extremely professional, and also modern-looking, and also they would benefit a variety of markets. So, if you’re seeking something very particular, this might not be the very best template library for you.

How Much Can I Make From my Blog With Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a venture where you can jump beyond the border of your limit. To come to be an absolutely successful email online marketer, you have to write an email at least one time a week.

You have to pay very close attention to which email performs best and which one doesn’t. Especially, a lot of A/B tests are necessary to perform in this process.

The most effective way to monetize your blog with email marketing is by joining profitable affiliate programs as well as promoting them effectively. The foremost thing to keep in mind is that your email should be professional looking and spam-free. It also has to provide value to your audience so you can earn “trust” from the audience. 

Even More Numbers

Assume you work really hard and eventually welcome 10,000 people to your email list (which is completely achievable). If you develop terrific email content that drives 5% of receivers to your blog, after that you’re putting 500 very carefully targeted and motivated customers on your blog who might not have otherwise seen your site today.

Let’s assume now that you convert 5% of those determined customers on a high-commission affiliate program that pays as much as $350 per sale. 25 customers * 350 = $8,750 from a SINGLE marketing email and blog post. Are you thrilled yet?!

Successfully Monetizing Your Email Blasts

There are several vital parts to a strong, high-revenue project. Nevertheless, no matter what your services or products happen to be, the one reality across all markets is that valuable content does convert. Your marketing e-mail has to target the appropriate audience, convey the ideal message as well as be sent to one of the most inspired purchasers in the right location. 

The $8,750 scenario described earlier is obtainable if you invest the effort. Yet you won’t see those sorts of returns overnight. Even building an email list of 10,000 emails will take you a lot of time and effort. That’s why automation is critical to your success.

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