Movies about Abusive Relationships

Movies about abusive relationships are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you!

Women aren’t the only ones suffering from domestic violence, more than 1/3 of women who declare having been involved in relationships at any moment have been victims. In families with children in the home, there is a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates an increase of 45-60% in the likelihood that child abuse occurs along with violence towards the partner. Children are also subject to a large number of assaults, and their effects can be tragic. Given how prevalent the issue of domestic violence, it’s only natural that filmmakers would want to explore the issue. There’s a line between raising awareness of the issue and profiting from the issue. Here are five films that deal with domestic violence:

A Vigilante (2019)

“The “vigilante” of this film is Sadie who is as played by Olivia Wilde. A survivor of domestic violence, Sadie now spends her time pursuing abusers and punishing them. In the meantime she’s trying to find her former abuser, her ex-husband. “A Vigilante” is a revenge-based fantasy, however unlike most of the other movies in the genre, the setting of the film is real and grounded. It’s the world we live in, where Sadie is able to meet many victims living their lives for free and comfortable. The performance of Olivia Wilde is enthralling and heartbreaking. Although her character is able to move in a manner that is truly cinematic, her emotions behind her actions are real and the film focuses on her personal life as much as it does the violence. It is recommended as one of the best Movies about abusive relationships.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

The film is based on the Stephen King book with the same title, “Gerald’s Game” might appear to be a strange film to put in this listing. But, it’s not about supernatural monsters or horrors. The villains in this film are real people and close to Jessie who is the film’s heroine. One of the villains the husband of Jessie, Gerald is actually killed early in the movie. He dies of an heart attack after being cuffed Jessie on their beds and trying to force a rape dream on her. Jessie is unable to free herself from the cuffs, and Gerald is seen in her dreams in a threatening manner, smacking her. Another villain appears from within the memories of Jessie as she begins to realize the consequences that one particular day in her childhood been a part of her entire life.

The majority of the movie, Jessie is trapped both physically and within her mind. When she starts to unravel her past, she tries to figure out how to get out of her current. The film is far more than a mere tense thriller. It’s an incredibly powerful representation of the negative effects that domestic violence, abuse or even violence can have on a person regardless of how long ago the incident occurred or how deeply it’s being repressed. It is recommended as one of the best Movies about abusive relationships.

Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Clare meets Andi during her visit to Germany and they share one-night dates. But the next day, Andi is gone and she’s in a secluded Clare in his home. She initially thinks it could be accidental, however later it becomes apparent that he wants to keep her in the apartment for the rest of his life. As with “Gerald’s Game,” the plot of this film’s film isn’t grounded in reality. It is an example of what domestic violence could look like. For many , the thought of leaving a partner who is abusive is similar to asking Clare to leave, who is trapped in Andi’s home to go away. Although her walls are physical, her mental walls are equally present for those suffering from domestic violence. It is recommended as one of the best Movies about abusive relationships.

The film is slow to explore the psychological aspects of Clare’s dilemma and also become complicated. Although she’s entrapped and hounded from Andi, Clare actually begins to adapt into the life in her new “life.” She starts to assume an increasingly faithful partner, cooking, tidying and providing comfort to her victim. But, as is the case with domestic violence, her changes in behavior aren’t enough for Andi and he keeps on committing violence. “The Berlin Syndrome” does well in describing both the victim and the abuser, and explains why “just leaving” isn’t a easy decision. It is recommended as one of the best Movies about abusive relationships.

Dangerous Intentions (1995)

The most famous film included on this list is “Dangerous Intentions” originally was a show on CBS. The subject that is referred to as domestic violence (and the specific word) was first discussed in the 1970’s, and by 1995 it was an issue that was relatively new for films. “Dangerous Intentions” is (allegedly) inspired by a true story of one woman’s struggle with a violent husband and parents who aren’t convinced of her and a legal system that doesn’t have the capacity to protect her. It’s an interesting film to see because it’s somewhat older, however, it also reveals issues that continue to be prevalent in the present, such as blame-shifting. It is recommended as one of the best Movies about abusive relationships.

Private Violence (2014)

The statistics on domestic violence are shocking and often, the best method of expressing the effects is by capturing intimate images. This 2014 documentary focuses the eyes of a Justice Advocate as well as the victim of domestic abuse she is representing. Even though the husband of Deanna kidnapped the woman (along together with their child) and attacked her with such force that doctors were shocked and he wasn’t immediately taken into custody. The film follows Deanna’s story which is handled with the help of lawyer Kit Gruelle, who herself has been a victim of domestic violence. “Private Violence” shows just how complicated and difficult dealing with the legal system can be. It is recommended as one of the best Movies about abusive relationships.

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