Movies about Addiction

Movies about addiction are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you!

Clean and Sober

When he wakes up with a woman who has overdosed and discovering that he’s embezzled the company’s funds, Daryl checks into a rehabilitation facility to avoid the long arm of law. In the midst of enjoying the peace that the privacy and security of the facility affords, and under the watchful eyes of the counselor Craig, Daryl also inches toward the realization that he is suffering from an addiction problem. When he falls in love with his fellow prisoner Charlie, Daryl begins aiming to live a better life, free of the drugs.The film features a stellar actor cast that includes Michael Keaton portraying Daryl the real estate salesman , and Morgan Freeman holding the court as Craig who is the counselor. Kathy Baker plays the role as a fellow patient Charlie. Other actors in the film are M. Emmet Walsh as Richard, Ben Piazza as Kramer, Rachel Ryan as Karen Peluso, Luca Bercovici as Lenny, J. David Krassner as Tiller, Dakin Matthews as Bob, Tate Donovan as Donald, Brian Benben as Martin, Claudia Christian as Iris and Henry Judd Baker as Xavier.During rehabilitation, Daryl comes in contact with Craig who is a tough but compassionate addiction counselor. After much exertion, Craig brings Daryl face to the reality of his addiction, and the realization that the rest of his life has been in turmoil. The basic premise that underlies an acceptance problem with substance abuse and the treatment it receives in the film is based on the old saying that ‘The best way to end the old habit is to develop new ones. Honesty is an important aspect of new practices that Daryl is advised to adopt when he admits his wrongdoings before his boss and is fired from his job, however, he is also free from the anxiety of having to face the truth. It is recommended as one of the best movies about addiction.

My Name is Bill W

When he realizes that his minor drinking issue has turned into a serious dependence, Wilson is almost on the streets, his family and career coming to a stop. In this moment Wilson is paired up along with the doctor Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, as well as battling drinking issues. The two formed an alcohol abuse support group, which later became the predecessor to Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous of modern times.The film chronicles the development from the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous, the worldwide organization that is famous for its willingness to help those who want to conquer their addiction to alcohol. The film follows the story of the protagonist’s journey from “small drinking issue” to a terrifying addiction. The protagonist’s attempts to overcome alcohol dependency and the creation of a support network indicate that the film is about recovery and addiction. It is recommended as one of the best movies about addiction.


It’s 1975, in Katterly, Texas. A seasoned undercover police officer in the field of narcotics Raynor selects Kristen Cates, as his investigator’s partner from a group of new police academy graduates.

Raynor is clear to Cates that both of them must rely on each other when they are operating in the gray areas between the lawful world and the underworld of crime. Raynor’s show teaches Cates the proper way to make use of heroin when she finds herself in situations in which she’ll need to take the drugs they purchase. Learning how to properly use drugs can save their lives from shady drug dealers. It is recommended as one of the best movies about addiction.

Raynor and Cates set out to take on the powerful and cunning drug lord, Will Gaines. At some point, Raynor and Cates end being lovers instead of pretending to be.

Investigation Leads to Addiction

As Raynor was expecting, Cates finds herself in an awkward situation where she is required to inject drugs while being surrounded by an illegal drug dealer. In a short period of period of time, Cates gets addicted to drugs. As Raynor himself is addicted to drugs aids Cates to overcome withdrawal symptoms, Cates Cates eventually is also addicted. While they both are able to get over their addiction but the experience leaves both devastated. It is recommended as one of the best movies about addiction.

Despite all their efforts Raynor and Cates are unable to gather the evidence needed to convict Gaines. They use submissive tactics to capture Gaines under false pretexts. Before the trial even begins, Raynor is shot dead by an unknown individual.

Basketball Diaries

Jim Carroll, a high basketball player at his school, leads happily with his three friends Pedro, Mickey, and Neutron. When his most beloved buddy, Bobby, dies of leukemia, Jim takes to heroin to ease his sorrow. It is recommended as one of the best movies about addiction.

Jim’s exiled from the house when his mother discovers his stash of drugs. Jim along with his buddies Mickey and Pedro commit petty offences to pay for their drug addiction. Jim is a prostitution addict in desperate search of drugs. In the process, Jim and his friends are entangled with dealers who sell drugs and run from them.

Jim seeks refuge in mother’s house however, she turns him in to police. He is convicted and tried for a number of crimes that include possession of narcotics. In jail, Jim is able to overcome his addiction and is clean following his release.


An Philadelphia resident, Gia is a Philadelphia native who arrives to New York City looking dazzling and full of ambition to be an aspiring fashion model. Through the assistance of an professional agent who is a renowned one, Wilhelmina Cooper, Gia quickly rises to the highest levels of modeling. However, a gloomy feeling of isolation, which is amplified following Cooper’s passing, pushes Gia to experiment with heroin and cocaine to help ease her depression. Gia decides to hook with Linda an artist. In the meantime, Gia tries to get off the bandwagon of drugs by switching into methadone. However, when she is forced to choose between methadone or Linda, Gia opts for the former. It is recommended as one of the best movies about addiction.

Gia finds herself reliant on heroin after failing to make a connection with Linda as well as their mother Kathleen. Although she is able to overcome the addiction to heroin but it’s too late for Gia since it’s discovered that AIDS is forming because of the continuous intravenous drug abuse. Gia is forced to spend the remaining years time in an inpatient hospital.

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