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Movies about cults are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you!

Charles Manson. Jim Jones. David Koresh. Cults, and their egomaniacal leaders are the subject of fascination for numerous directors, especially horror directors. The ability of one person to influence thousands of followers eager to be accepted is a plethora of possibilities for creativity. While certain horror films focus on cults and their own unique interpretations of fanatics united around a single cause, others are able to make their real-life inspiration evident.

The films in this list are all based on actual, modern cults as well as spiritual or religious movements that are hierarchical and run by fiery figureheads. While some look into what happens when people attempt to quit cults, other films reveal just how far adherents will go to prove their devotion.

The Sacrament

Ti West is the creator of Ti West is the creator of discovered-footage film that is based on The Jonestown Massacre. In 1978, 9000 people who followed Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones to Guyana followed his instructions to consume cyanide poison en masse. Jones came up with this idea of a revolutionary suicide, and he embraced his followers by self-inflicting a head injury by a gunshot. It is recommended as one of the best movies about cults!

The extent of the violence in Jonestown as well as its name Jones gave to his settlement amazed the world and led to the creation of many films and TV series. The Sacrament is the story of the group of VICE journalists who travel into Central America to probe into the existence of a cult which recently moved in the region. After meeting with their leader Father The events then take the wrong direction.

Helter Skelter

The biographical television drama that was made for TV explores the horrors committed by Charles Manson and his family in the late 1960s and culminating in the murders of five individuals including pregnant actress Sharon Tate, at her residence in Cielo Drive in 1969. Helter Skelter is a straight-forward adaptation of the book that was written from Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry.

Manson played in the film by Jeremy Davies, infiltrated the hippie movement that was gaining momentum in California in the late 1960s by using his charisma and rhetoric to create an enclave. The man’s “family” consisted of mostly women. As it was growing in numbers, Manson decided to kickstart the race war that was about to begin through the orchestration of the brutal murders that ended his life and that of Tate and four of her companions. It is recommended as one of the best movies about cults!

Red State

Red State was a labor of affection to Kevin Smith, known for his indie comedy that is off the wall. Smith got his inspiration from The Westboro Baptist Church, a religious institution famous for its reliance on hatred speech and violent protests. It is recommended as one of the best movies about cults!

Michael Parks plays an even more exaggerated portrayal of Westboro’s chief, Fred Phelps, known for using brainwashing methods and harsh penalties to maintain his followers engaged. Red State takes the threats and violence portrayed by Westboro to their ultimate conclusion and shows what happens when groups that are swayed by hateful messages are compelled to join forces.

The Wave

The film German film directed by Dennis Gansel attempts to reconcile his nation’s history of fascism. While The Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler implemented their racist campaign against those who was of Jewish origin, they forced citizens to conform by promoting messages of superiority for ethnic groups. These detestable tactics are a perfect example of cult-think. It is recommended as one of the best movies about cults!

The Wave follows The Wave, a high school teacher is required to educate his students about autocracy as well as the perils of fascism. To provide an engaging learning experience for his students the teacher is conducting an experiment about totalitarianism which opens doors that which he’s not prepared to enter, demonstrating just how easy it is for tyranny expand.

Lords Of Chaos

Lords of Chaos is a hardcore film that is based on real account of Norwegian black metal group Mayhem. Not only are they famous for their brutal music however, they are well-known for their creation of the cult of personality that is violent that is based on pre-Christian practices and religious beliefs.

Rory Culkin plays the band’s principal character, Hieronymous, who compels his bandmates as well as their buddies to begin burning Christian churches across Norway to spark controversy. As the flames grow and the violence grows more intense, until Mayhem is implicated in the murder of a suicide victim. It is recommended as one of the best movies about cults!

Holy Ghost People

This gruesome documentary concerning Pentecostal snake handlers from Georgia is inspired by a documentary from 1967 about the West Virginia congregation. Pentecostalism is an evangelical version in Protestant Christianity, and snake handling originated from an interpretation literal that was based on the Bible. It is recommended as one of the best movies about cults!

In the film the film, a young lady goes to a church within the Appalachian Mountains in hopes of finding her sister. The charming, but ominous leader of the congregation uses a strategy of manipulation , and eventually the use of torture in order to break her down in the hope of satisfying their own needs.

Sound Of My Voice

The elusive, trippy community at the core of Sound of My Voice is affected by the numerous sects and fringe groups that operate under the radar throughout the Los Angeles area. In the film two documentary filmmakers go through the gruelling beginning rituals of one particular group to reach out the leader of the group who is a woman called Maggie.

Maggie’s cult was based on theories about space travel and she is believed to come from the future and has made her way back in time to fulfill an important task.

The Devils

A controversial film from British creator Ken Russel, The Devil is both a cautionary tale of religious witch hunts as well as an arthouse horror film that explores the concept of cults. 17th century French Priest Urbain Grandier is snubbed by a nun with a hunchback as the spokesman for an Satanic revolt inside The Catholic Church. It is recommended as one of the best movies about cults!

Many nuns claim to are victims of his shady actions, Grandier is officially charged by church officials. At that at that point, he’s made to endure brutal tortures until he’s burned to death at the stake. Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave both appear in the film.

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