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Movies about food are an mouth watering and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you!

Good Burger

The plot is quite simple the story is pretty straightforward: High school pupil Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson) is in dire in need of work after damaging his teacher’s vehicle. He begins working at the local fast-food restaurant Good Burger (“home of the Good Burger”), where he encounters the bumbling but very well-meaning employees Ed (Kel Mitchell). After a few initial disagreements they eventually became friends.

The restaurant is struggling and their troubles get worse when a new eatery is opened next door: Mondo Burger, who are able to win customers over with their outrageously large meat patties. But, Good Burger is saved through Ed’s ingenuity to create the secret sauce that is wildly popular and puts the two in the middle of fiercely ambitious rivals. It is recommended as one of the best movies about food!

Let me say this: Millennial nostalgia aside, Good Burger is a decidedly silly comedy with a joyfully absurd and outrageous sense of humor. It is not shy of a simple punchline or to throw in an entirely unrelated joke. Certain comedy quips are straight-up slapstick. others are quite clever. The chemistry between two leads is evident. If you’re ever looking for a hilarious and family-friendly 90s comedy, you should give it a try.

When Harry Met Sally

With no gender politics to speak of this charming film is a classic of the genre, and introduced a variety of timeless themes. It’s also an affectionate ode towards New York City, which is prominently featured in the film as the location in Harry and Sally’s many interactions throughout their long-running relationship.

If you’ve never watched the film before, let’s go over the storyline: Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) are best friends who meet when Harry is engaged to Sally’s friend. Through over the course of time The two fall into and out of one another lives, and become close friends and chatting about their lives together. It is recommended as one of the best movies about food!

Naturally, emotions start becoming a problem and it can be a problem for all. It is possible to imagine how the story unfolds. But the appeal of the film lies in the apparent chemistry between the characters, and their joking about love and life as they discover a love for each other creates a truly touching tension.

Then where is”food” or the “food” part come in? It’s a crucial (and very well-known) scene which takes place in the well-known NYC Katz’s Delicatessen restaurant, often referred to as among the top famous comedy scenes ever. We won’t reveal the details even if you’ve never seen it.


As much as certain of these films inspire us to cook, other films inspire us to be thankful that we’ve not had to be in the kitchen of a renowned restaurant, simply because it’s an extremely stressful job to work in.

Burnt however, turns the horrific experience into an extremely enjoyable drama film with stunning food. Bradley Cooper leads an ensemble group that includes Uma Thurman Emma Thompson, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl, and Alicia Vikander, among others. The story follows a chef as he is determined to turn his career around by attempting to achieve the sought-after three Michelin Stars.

If you’re keen to take an insider’s view of fine dining and high-end kitchens, and great performances by a fantastic cast (and numerous delicious looking food items to look over), Burntis an excellent choice for you. It is recommended as one of the best movies about food!

Soul Food

What comes to mind in the context of “soul food”? Most likely something warm, nutritious and soothing in the best possible ways. It’s not just very satisfying, but also makes you feel happy inside. It may even trigger memories of family gatherings that you grew up with, of being with your loved ones.

That’s pretty much the premise of Soul Food, the film. The story explores the concept to cook and serve soul foods in order to unite families and gather around the table to share meals in one another’s company, even as they’re dealing with their own personal kinds of turmoil and grief.

It has an ensemble cast of Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Mekhi Phifer and many more The film follows an entire family through many trials and tragedies however, they are unified by their long-standing family traditions , such as the Sunday dinner, although they fade away over time. While it is as sad as it could be, it’s not burdened due to the drama. It is recommended as one of the best movies about food!

This film serves as a call for peace and love in a world that is to be becoming increasingly cluttered and sour and also it reminds us of the importance food plays to play in the lives of people. It’s an amazing food-related movie.

The Big Restaurant

The film features Louis de Funes as Monsieur Septime as the manager of an extremely prestigious Parisian restaurant. The restaurant is visited from an influential Latin American political figure. The guest is served the restaurant’s speciality, a dessert that is flambeed. Everything is smooth until the dessert is lit, and then it explodes.

The politician is gone after the explosion, making Septime the prime suspect to the police. The mystery is revealed which is solved when Septime begins working with police to play the role of a decoy which leads to all kinds of chases and hilarious amusing incidents. This is a classic 60s style comedy, without much tension.

It’s not the most profound film on the list and certainly not the most thought-provoking, however it’s funny and an excellent portrayal of the stereotypical French restaurant in the mid-60s. A must-see. It is recommended as one of the best movies about food!

Mostly Martha

Mostly Martha is a delightful romantic comedy that has a few aspects of drama, that are centered around food. The German film follows an account of a hardworking chef who must deal with a myriad of changes in her personal and professional lives, which includes having to contend with a loud and less serious sous-chef. A rivalry develops, which creates a new relationship.

If this story is beginning to sound like something you’ve heard before, that’s due to the fact that Mostly Martha was later remade in 2007 under the name of an American movie “No Reservations which starred Catherine Zeta-Jones as well as Aaron Eckhart. But, as is often the case be the most of the time, the original version is far better than the remake. The film combines food and romance and reveals an intimate side to the kitchen, by revealing the lives of the employees. It is recommended as one of the best movies about food!

In terms of romantic comedies that center around food preparation it’s among the most enjoyable we’ve seen.

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