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Movies about identity are one of the most eye-opening genres of movies. We have made the ideal list for you to watch and be mind blown!

You are who you are? What do you think of yourself as a person? Is this the person you were 10 years ago? Do you think you’ll be the same person 10 years later? These, if you think about it, are simple to answer, plague many of the smartest people. They trigger occasional flashes of mild existential distress. These are questions that, unfortunately do not get addressed by the films, but instead, they are reinforced.

It is reinforced by the deeply intimate and philosophical pictures paint so beautifully. Portraits of complex characters that are different from each other but all sharing the same path of self-discovery.

Maybe you’re interested in finding some answers about the meaning of your existence through this film. Perhaps even more convincingly you’ll be engaging in an intense reflective discussion that asks your place in the context of who you are in. Without further delay this is a list of 10 films that explore the quest for identity.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is listed in the top ten most interesting films in the subgenre of American Coming-of-Age, which is a genre of films that can be classified as generic with storylines and a few ineffective “feel-good” moments of weak and predictable catharsis, and above everything else, crafted by filmmakers who wish they could understand children. It is recommended as one of the best movies about identity.

The film captures teenage angst like it’s never before, in a manner that transcends that superficial “Fuck everyone.” mindset that other filmmakers prefer to perpetuate in lesser films in this genre. It examines and analyzes the typical teenage mindset with a sensitivity that is both heartfelt and insightful, and is portrayed through the eyes of a complex individual who struggles with self-acceptance and self-identity and a constant struggle with the concept of independence in general and being stuck in the notorious transition between growing up and becoming an adult.

Lady Bird is an outstanding directorial debut by Greta Gerwig and is capable of pulling astonishing performances from the cast while being able to create a unique story from others however, but also one that’s well made.

It’s a film that is not different from an Wes Anderson picture. In addition to his distinctive aesthetic, Lady Bird has all the fun humour, intricate characters, and a tightly-knit script that make audiences want to stay beyond the initial appearance that the movie has.


Raw is the coming-of-age movie that brings an end to all come-of-age movies, Raw is a film that, at first glance is a fairly traditional narrative structure so in the sense of genre. What is different however, and what made the film gain recognition in the world scene is how it interprets the conventional narrative format.

The inevitable aches of attending college. The feeling of stepping outside your comfort zone and into the new. Of falling in that special someone. Of losing love. Of discovering who you are. They are themes that have been explored many times throughout the genre. In movies that thousands of teens flock to and admire every year. Raw isn’t one of them. It is recommended as one of the best movies about identity.

This is not just due to an evident “R” rating restricting the population, but also due to the fact that the same common ideas that fans of the genre are familiar with are examined in the most sexist of ways, the most horrific and disgusting of ways. Murder. Self-mutilation. Cannibalism. The obscene ideas and more provide an extraordinary medium to examine these simple and universal concepts.

You may have a good the reason why such an intricate and original method of approaching something so straightforward is merely an unintentional gimmick to attract a larger thrill-seeking audience. But, Raw is far above the standard torture film and is truly worthy of its status for an arthouse movie.

The two extremes of polarisation that the film is situated in coincide and create an experience that is bold enough to use bold metaphors to stimulate thoughts. In essence, it is asking us to think about our own experiences as we grow into adulthood and how quickly we changed over the course of the shortest amount of time.

Did we truly change? Did we really change? Or did we let loose the things that are kept under the cover of our personal psychosis?

Ex Machina

The issue of AI in film has always brings up questions about what it is being human. What does it mean to be human is to feel. What does it mean to feel. However basic or inadequate the film may be you can be sure these ideas will be discussed at some length regardless of how basic. It is recommended as one of the best movies about identity.

Ex Machina, on the other hand, isn’t a slick film. It provides a thorough investigation of three distinctive and complex characters each of whom is involved in a way or another in the field of artificial intelligence.

The three films were all brilliantly executed in the hands of rising stars the moment in cinema, and all at the very top of their game. It’s not surprising that Alicia Vikander skyrocketed to the top of Hollywood after the release of Ex Machina. Her portrayal of the terrible AI Ava is amazingly sophisticated and has layers of sophistication beneath the dullness of her docile exterior.

The film is truly amazing with a myriad of parallels that can draw between wonderfully written characters and the ideologies that define the human condition and the society at large. What is it that truly means being human? The director Alex Garland took such a basic and broad topic and thoroughly explored the subject to the point of awe.

The 400 Blows

In a genre of films characterized by a radical approach to making films, The 400 Blows serves as a pleasant, restrained small autobiographical film that speaks to the versatility of filmmakers of the Nouvelle Vague.

Truffaut is a shrewd satirist who takes the “angsty teen” trope and transforms it into an insight into the teenage years and the experiences that go with it. He demonstrates the power of experience as well as the subtle influence parents have on their child especially in relation to their personality.

It’s interesting to look at the difference between Antoine’s and his family’s and how each have shaped the boys into the people they have become today. Truffaut basically exhausts every aspects of the life of a child and makes us grow along with himand see the world through his eyes, a reality that is full of injustice and inequity. It is recommended as one of the best movies about identity.

The message we are able to take away from The 400 Blows is more than the feeling of “What now?” as in contrast to any kind of catharsis. The coming-of-age movies explore the excitement of growing older. The process of going through hardship and eventually reaching a higher degree of knowledge. The 400 Blows takes away from that and gives us the raw reality. The truth that we want to forget in the sea of dreamy films that have a monopoly on the genre. It asks “What’s next? Is this the case?”

I Am Love

It’s a complete shame to say that Call Me By Your Name is the only Guadagnino film to gain acclaim in the mainstream audience. Particularly when you consider the other works of his perform in comparison. I am Love offers a wonderfully subtle portrait of passion and desire, which is further influenced by subverting the upper-class bourgeois ideology. It is recommended as one of the best movies about identity.

Tilda Swinton is a breathtaking performance as always in her character of an angry matriarch that is brought to life with such a beautiful and enthralling style. The quality is evident from beginning to end by Guadagnino’s flawless production that engages every sensation in our bodies with such a powerful ability to bring to life an experience of lavish naturalism.

Watching Swinton’s character emerge from the limitations of her life to examine her roots and discover what she truly is as a person leads to a powerful and fully developed character arc, and it is a perfect example of Guadagnino’s talent for portray the hedonism of his characters through a strong engagement with our senses.

Each aspect of the film is done to exacting excellence. From the artistic elements like the full-length story, and an incredibly executed ensemble cast, to technical elements such as costumes and set design, all of it is gathered in a thrilling journey an epic film that beckons us to not be afraid to showcase our true self to the world around us.

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