Movies about Mental Health

Movies about mental health are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you to watch and be entertained!

Silver Linings Playbook

If you’ve ever seen Silver Linings Playbook and know the reason it should be on this list. The whole film tries to redefine what it means to be diagnosed with mental illness, continually using the stigmatizing word: “crazy.” What is captivating about the film is the well-educated and “normal” main characters, Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) and Pat (Bradley Cooper) both of whom suffer from an unidentified mental illness as well as bipolar disorder and bipolar disorder, respectively. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

Although the film received some criticisms over its portrayal of mental illness, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Steven Schlozman, MD said to the magazine Vulture that he really liked the film. “It’s Hollywood, so there are still going to be things that are there more for the story than for accuracy,” the doctor stated. “But they did a very nice job of depicting manic depressive illness or bipolar disorder in somebody who’s quite bright, and who has limited but present insight on it.”

Girl, Interrupted

This film poses a second issue about the meaning of “certifiably crazy” really means. Are you able to check yourself into an institution for women’s mental health instead of attending college considered to be insane? What about chasing down the bottle of Advil and an empty bottle of vodkais that crazy? These are the kinds of questions Girl Interrupted Girl, Interruptedlooks at through the lens that is Susanna (Winona Ryder) who suffers with BPD, also known as borderline personality disorder ( BPD). When she is admitted to the mental hospital and comes across young women who are exactly like her, but totally different from her, she starts to realize who she is. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

Black Swan

Dark psychological drama Black Swan is an exquisite representation of a deformed and twisted mind. Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) has a host of problems because of the enormous pressures she has to endure as a ballerina who is a professional. While she attempts to put on an appearance that suggests she’s “okay,” the pressure causes physical self-harm. She recurrently rubs her back with a hammer to mimic the swan in her portrayal and refuses to eat food in order to stay slim and then she stabs her stomach during the show to eliminate her White Swan. As we follow Nina’s demise and the consequences, we can see the ways that a desire to be perfect can be detrimental to a person’s mental health. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

Rain Man

This hilarious film tells the story of two brothers Charlie (Tom Cruise) and Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) Babbitt, in an amazing journey to learn about disabilities. Charlie can be described as an autistic (an autistic genius, to be precise) who is a witty character and offers a unique perspective on life. While they are together, Charlie learns that Raymond has an amazing memory and incredible math abilities. Rain Man is an inspiring film that displays an enlightened view of mental health issues, and is well-known for raising autism in the spotlight. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

A Beautiful Mind

The film “A Beautiful Mind was inspired by the real life tale that was told by John Forbes Nash Jr. as well as the biographical work of A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar. Although he’s a bit of an outsider mathematics professor John Nash makes a quick name for himself after he comes across the concept of “game theory” that contradicts the more than 100 years of economic theories. As the government continues to compete for his attention and his attention is dwindling, the onset of his anxiety disorder (a condition in when a person loses touch with reality) is beginning to take over control. The film is an inspiring tale of how to overcome the effects of a progressive mental illness. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

The Breakfast Club

When a group of diverse high school students are detained in the afternoon of a weekend we immediately notice the typical stereotypes: an athlete, nerdy, rebel popular girl, the kook. However, we quickly discover that all of them deal with some sort of stress that affects their mental health. John (Judd Nelson) is a victim of an abusive family, Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) attempted suicide by using an improvised torch, while the need for Andrew (Emilio Estevez) to bully his peers stems from his father’s extreme emotional abuse. Breakfast Club Breakfast Club examines that gap between those who appear “just fine” and those nearing collapse, something that many people are familiar with. If there’s one thing to be learned from the film it’s this quote: “We’re all pretty bizarre. Certain of us are better in hiding it, that’s the whole point.” It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting (Matt Damon) who is a janitor in MIT is a naturally brilliant young man who is able to spend his time in the evenings solving amazing puzzles that others in college aren’t able to solve. However, Will has a difficult childhood, and so while his mind is awe-inspiring but it’s also disturbed. Through regular sessions with an psychologist (Robin Williams), Will is able to fight depression and rebuild his life. Good Will Hunting Good Will Huntingis essential if you’re looking for a joyful and humorous classic. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

Still Alice

Beware: This is an emotional tearjerker. The film Alice follows an prof of linguistics (Julianne Moore) who is confronted with the possibility of being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. As her memory deteriorates and she must maintain her life The heartbreaking documentary chronicles the efforts of family members who remain with her, as well as those who cannot longer stand by and watch her decline. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

The Aviator

The Aviator The Aviatoris a biopic and psychological drama which follows the life of Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) famous businessman, film director and pilot. His lifestyle of extravagant spending and relationships with Hollywood actresses becomes a problem as the effects of obsessional compulsive disorder (OCD) begins to begin to take over. As his condition gets worse and his life is thrown into turmoil and his family members are notified, we discover that his family is suffering from a history of OCD. It is recommended as one of the best movies about mental health!

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