Movies about Narcissists

Movies about narcissists are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you to watch and be entertained!

“Sweet & Lowdown” (2000)

Woody Allen is an obvious source of inspiration to “Listen Up Philip” (“Husbands and wives” is specifically named for the character by Ross Perry, and Sydney Pollack’s character is also on this list) Allen is certainly an example of self-absorbedness. The films he has created were more self-absorbed or more asshole-y like Sean Penn’s central character from ” Sweet & Lowdown.” The character that plays Emmet Ray who is a famous, heavy-drinking and scumbag of a jazz guitar who is constantly surrounded by Django Reinhardt, his hero Django Reinhardt. The character was initially written by Allen (under the name in the form of ” The Jazz Baby,” at the time of the 70s) to be performed by the director/writer who, after nearly 30 years in a drawer it was sold back to Penn (though Johnny Depp was also thought to be a possible candidate). It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing an even better job. Penn is a combination of swagger and a deeply nervous neuroticism that creates him as an original creation of Allen and yet one who does not simply echo the director as do many of his leading-man symbiotes. Similar to the lead character in another film later on about a musician in”The Coens’ ” Inside Llewyn Davis,” Ray is talented, but is also an idiot (drunken as a pimp, sometimes drunk as well as a bit of a coward, stingy to money, and with self-centered views about his personal “genius”) that he’ll not make the impact he’d like to. When a chance to redeem himself is offered in the form of Samantha Morton’s sweet and mute Hattie and he decides to throw the opportunity to get married to socialite Uma Thurman. And when he’s left on her by the latter, he’s astonished when he learns that Hattie is leaving. The character is almost unredeemably bad however Penn’s performance, among his best can find a sense of humor and an enjoyable level of comedy in the character, which is the kind of thing that an actor does not get to perform often enough. It is recommended as one of the best movies about narcissists!

“The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou” (2004)

Wes Anderson characters are typically placed under the umbrella of “self-regarding” to one degree or another, ranging from Max on the set of ” Rushmore” to”The animated Mr. Fox. However, his prize asshole could happen to Steve Zissou, in Anderson’s fourth film. A documentary maker and oceanographer who is loosely modeled after Jacques Cousteau, Zissou is one of those whose notoriety and fame has gone to his head. He carries his unquestionably faithful crew members on an Ahab-like revenge mission against the shark that killed his long-time friend ( Seymour Cassel). There is a certain love for his companions (he is at least able to launch an emergency rescue mission when the infamous insurance employees Bud Cort is taken by pirates) However, he is not a person to be loved, particularly in his relationship with everyone. He’s constantly hitting upon pregnant journalist Jane ( Cate Blanchett) and making Klaus ( Willem Dafoe) as a bully lapdog, or arguing with his childish with his alleged son Ned ( Owen Wilson) who is killed in a crash of a helicopter on the search of the shark. Anderson’s characters, and even sly and sexy like Royal Tenenbaum, usually find an opportunity for redemption, however, there’s not much to be found in Zissou: Ned, who does not turn out to be his son, is killed in the end, and Zissou is once more praised at an annual film festival for his completed film. This is a rather bitter note, and could be one of the reasons why the extravagant, well-crafted “Aquatic” is Anderson’s least loved film. It is recommended as one of the best movies about narcissists!

Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network” (2010)

“You’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like because you’re a nerd,” says Rooney Mara’s Erica to Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) in the opening scene of David Fincher’s Aaron Sorkin penned “The Social Network.””And I would like to inform you that from my heart that this won’t be true. It’s because you’re a snob.” This is a great introduction to the snobbish, condescending aggressive, narcissistic creator of Facebook the site that eventually makes Zuckerberg a billionaire. In the course of the film into the future, Zuckerberg never exactly improves his petty blog about Erica as well as hacks into Harvard’s network in order to get photos of women’s faces to give people a rating on their looks and even steals the idea for his website from three other students, then freezes out his the best friends Eduardo Saverin ( Andrew Garfield) and is rich, but also isn’t happy, continually changing friends requests to Erica. He’s self-centered, selfish aggressive, and prickly, however, in Eisenberg’s masterful, flawless performance, it’s easy to discern the reason. Eisenberg is the ultimate victim of nerds, a bitter and violent one, but he’s so because that’s the way he believes he ought to be. As his lawyer Marylin ( Rashida Jones) says to him at the conclusion of the film, “you’re not an asshole, Mark. You’re just trying to appear.” It is recommended as one of the best movies about narcissists!

“A Fish Called Wanda” (1988)

Self-absorption often appears to be a sign of intelligence as shown by the people on this list. A lot of them truly are the most smart individual in the room, and consider anyone who isn’t to be at their level with the same degree of disrespect. Otto in ” A Fish Called Wanda,” is something a bit different and the comedy is all the better because he’s an idiot who believes that he’s the smartest one around. The end result, which is quite unusual for a broad-based comedy such as Charles Crichton’s 1988 smash (penned by his co-star John Cleese) was a huge success, winning Kevin Kline a Best Supporting actor Oscar. Kline’s character is the film’s secret weapon that is a borderline psychotic limey-hating, dimwit who has a serious inferiority disorder, which is evident through his constant threats to others not to be called dumb. However, as his girlfriend Wanda ( Jamie Lee Curtis) informs her lover, “I’ve known sheep that can outwit you. I’ve worn clothes that had more intelligence.” Otto is a man who believes that “the Gettysburg Address was where Lincoln lived,” that the central message of Buddhism is “every man for himself,” and that the London Underground is a political movement. Otto is the most Ugly American abroad (“you are the vulgarian, you’re don’t care,” Cleese’s Archie when He calls him for his swearing) A terrible driver sporting the most funny off-putting cum face ever seen in film, and a complete performance from Kline that is still the most memorable performance by an actor. He’s the most hateful kind of person in the most perfect way. It’s all there is to say that after being hit by steamrollers, he is made the Minister of Justice during the apartheid period of South Africa… It is recommended as one of the best movies about narcissists!

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By Cary Grant

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