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Movies about Paris are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you to watch!

Paris was the location of the first film screening in the year 1895 (though it was the Lumiere Brothers shot those first film at Lyon). The city is still home to Europe’s biggest, most active film industry. France exports the most films in comparison to any other other nation other than it’s the United States.

Here’s a list of 10 movies that take me back to Paris and the French capital from the early years of the sound theater until the time of streaming. I’ve left out many French films that were produced in English with some of them made using soundstages (“An American in Paris,””Moulin Rouge!”) as well as in real-time (” Funny Face,””Midnight in Paris”). Instead, I’ve picked films that I’ve leaned on when I’m trying to leave America to Paris … that happens quite often nowadays.


Paris nowadays is many things more than its tree-lined, touristy central area; it’s Europe’s largest city of diversity, in which French mixes in Arabic as well as Wolof and it’s most likely to encounter Afro trap rather than Edith Piaf. The assured film about coming of age by Celine Sciamma follows a Black teenage girl as she moves across the racial, financial and cultural divides that exist between Paris in its proper (or “Paname,” in the girls the slang) as well as its suburban housing estates, which the director captures with rare elegance and empathy. Aubervilliers, Bondy, Mantes-la-Jolie Aulnay-sous Bois, Mantes-la-Jolie are part of Greater Paris, birthplace of the world’s greatest singers as well as stylists as well as the most famous footballers are worthy of the spotlight as well. It is recommended as one of the best movies about Paris!

35 Shots of Rum

A very intimate, and Parisian film by Claire Denis the most acclaimed living director is a story of the widowed father who is a train operator and his sole daughter who is a student as they slowly move away from one another and begin new life. The cast (including Mati Djop, who’s since become an acclaimed director herself) is almost entirely of African or Caribbean origin, yet this is the rare film that takes Paris’s diversity as a given, and its portraits of Parisians in the working-to-middle-class north of the capital have a fullness and benevolence that remain too rare in the French cinema. Equally beautiful to its scenes of family life are. Denis’s recurring, long-lasting images of the RER Paris’s suburban commuter rail which is shown here as a bridge between two worlds. It is recommended as one of the best movies about Paris!

Love Songs (2007)

The vast majority of this musical written by Christophe Honore and with twelve songs composed by Alex Beaupain, a singer-songwriter The show is set in the well-groomed but unassuming 10thArrondissement which is in which I drank some too many drinks during my 20s. When its young lovers sing along with the city’s most unphotogenic streets, sitting on their Ikea couches , or in their offices that are lit up The capital transforms into something more appealing that it is in the City of Light of foreign fantasies. This is the film you should see if you are bored of everyday life in modern Paris and where even grey days deserve a tune. It is recommended as one of the best movies about Paris!

Full Moon in Paris

Paris was the extremely great 1980s Think Louvre Pyramid, think Concorde, think Christian Lacroix. Eric Rohmer’s tale of a female who is a rebel, determined to keep her boyfriend and her home is the most stylish analysis of Parisian youth — huge-haired fashion models dancing to Second Empire ballrooms, and couples chatting at tables in cafes and on sleeping on each other’s bed. The soundtrack is a masterpiece from the ’80s composed by electropop group Elli et Jacno and what makes the stunning beauty so sweet is its exquisite actor Pascal Ojger who passed away just after the film’s completion at the age of 25. It is recommended as one of the best movies about Paris!

C’etait un rendez-vous (1976)

It’s only eight minutes in length and has no dialogue, yet this is the most wild film ever produced in Paris and it’s a wonder that no one was killed. One morning, the Director Claude Lelouch got in his Mercedes and attached cameras to the bumper and then just shook the audience through the vast Avenue Foch (where he clocks at 125 miles per hour) and through the Louvre as well as through the Opera and through the red lights , around blind corners and on the streets, up all the way to the top of Sacre-Coeur. Every time I watch it, I find myself covering my eyes, and then laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing Cinema verite at full speed. It is recommended as one of the best movies about Paris!

Cleo between 5 and 7

The time is 5 p.m. on the 21st of June which is one of the most long days in the calendar and pop star Cleo has visited the fortune-teller to find outif she dying? For the remainder of Agnes Varda’s extraordinary piece of life, we follow her in real-time — each minute of screen time is equivalent to one minute in the story — along the capital’s left bank. She strolls past some of the cafes of Montparnasse and along the broad Haussmannian boulevards, and then into Montsouris Park. Montsouris and meets an officer who is on leave from fighting in Algeria A young Parisian not sure if he’ll make it through for another year. While Cleo sets her beliefs aside and walks down her streets in Paris provide the fuel for confidence and self-confidence of women. It is recommended as one of the best movies about Paris!


Jean-Luc Godard’s first film is so well-known because of its ingenuous cutting-edge plot and jump cuts that we often forget that this is, by far the greatest movie ever made on an American living in Paris. As the student on exchange selling an edition of the New York Herald Tribune on the Champs-Elysees Jean Seberg invests the movie with a sexy expatriate glam as she tries to portray French elegance, yet retaining her American fascination. Even if her French abilities aren’t great (my French husband is a copy of Seberg’s Franglais when he’s looking at my accentshe is a perfect example of being a new person in Paris even if you end up with the wrong man. It is recommended as one of the best movies about Paris!

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