Movies about The Roman Empire

Movies about the Roman Empire are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you to watch!

In terms of superpowers and ancient civilizations are concerned in the world, that of the Roman Empire is one of the biggest and well-documented. Their contribution in Europe along with the Mediterranean are evident and are still evident today. Today, artists take inspiration from the ancient Rome despite its long past of aggression by imperialists.

The Roman Empire The Roman Empire, for it’s sake has always been an intriguing subject for film. There is an endless supply of concepts, both for action films and period pieces. If you cannot enjoy the romanticism of Rome regardless of whether it’s in the classics or contemporary action films, these films should be able to provide an even more dramatic view than documentary films.


Pompeii was one of Kit Harrington’s biggest splashes in Hollywood following his success on Game of Thrones. It may not have been well-received from the reviewers but you can’t deny that Pompeii is an enjoyable action film that features swords and sandals.

The title suggests, Pompeii is about the titular city in Pompeii, which was part of the Roman Empire that perished after Mt. Vesuvius was erupted in the year the year 62 AD. In this way, the film transcends categories, such as action, drama and a disaster film as it needed to remain true and faithful to the ultimate outcome of the catastrophe. All else is just an appetizer, which includes the gladiator’s journey. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!

The Eagle

Despite the mixed reviews about Channing Tatum’s performance as the main character in this film The Eagle is actually an enjoyable film that takes a look at the region that is rarely used in films about the past of Rome which can be described as Britannia also known as the British Isles when a big portion of these islands was under Roman Empire rule.

The plot is quite unique Tatum’s character Marcus Aquila, only wanted to restore the honor of his father by locating the golden eagle symbol of their legion. Marcus discovers something far that is more valuable than the Roman eagle, for instance the trust and friendship of a person who was once thought to be a foe. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!

Agora (2009)

When it comes to dealing with Roman history It’s not only the military and combat aspect that’s crucial however, it’s also those social institutions. In the Roman Empire’s context the democracy was essential along with the religion. This is the theme that the film Agora looked at in.

Agora is set in Alexandria which is a place where a tense conflict in the city between Christians as well as pagans seems set to reach a boiling point. The central figure in everything is the female philosopher and astronomer Hypatia who challenges the status quo and faith in science. In order to make things more complicated and fascinating, Hypatia is also stuck in a romantic triangle with the other authoritative Romans. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!


Like The Eagle, Centurion is a further look at the advance from The Roman Empire into the untamed areas of Britain. It also portrays the Picts which are one of the tribes indigenous to of the island, fighting and killed a lost legion of soldiers roaming the ancestral land.

The Picts also managed to be able to capture an Roman general and it’s the duty of a centurion that survived to help him escape in the hope of the survival of his people and their liberation. Michael Fassbender gives another riveting performance as the mentioned centurion which is worth watching due to this. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!


In the context of the end of the Roman Empire, few historical contributors were as famous like the Huns. Of all the Huns, one name stands out over all others, Attila. Attila is one of the scourges who caused the Roman Empire to a speedier pace to fall.

The Attila miniseries/TV film is where Gerard Butler assumes the role of the legendary head in the army of Huns. This story unfolds through an alternate narrative that follows the antagonist of Attila, Roman General Flavius Aetius as their paths eventually become one in the final epic. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!


It’s impossible to be right with Ridley Scott when it comes to epics from the past although Ridley Scott is known to make some alterations to them. One of the most memorable films he produced that he’s yet beat his other historical films is Gladiator. In its current form, Gladiator is most likely to be one of the most popular films that are set in the era of ancient Rome due to its outstanding cast and uniqueness.

It tells of the struggle between Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman general who was snubbed by his successor to the emperor who was made the status of a mere gladiator. Gladiator, as a matter of fact is a story of revenge that is told in a different way due to the complexities that characterize blood sport, the Roman blood sport and also its political ramifications. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!

Ben Hur

Ben Hur is a story that is similar like Gladiator but was made years before, even though it had a dismal remake. It is a must-see film about the history of ancient Rome and its savage judges and officials.

It’s about a story of an wealthy Jew and his acquaintance from childhood who is furious at his. It’s just that the same friend was later a Roman tribune , and thus led the Jew protagonist to live a life of slavery that culminates in an exciting and highly acclaimed race in a chariot. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!


It’s clear that Rome’s brutal methods and acceptance of slavery placed them in the wrong picture. However, one famous soldier and slave rose up to the challenge and grabbed the eagle’s beak. The man in question was Spartacus and he was among the top and most imposing icons of the rebellion throughout history.

It’s the reason a proper tribute to him in the form his Spartacus film of 1963 must be a mandatory to anyone who is looking for a great old Rome tale. It tells the actions of Spartacus in his battle up against the tyrants of Italy using only an unorganized group of slaves. It’s an epic tale that is worth watching unfold in a visual way, thanks to its epic nature.

Julius Caesar

It’s rare for a film to convey the spirit of Julius Caesar because his tenure in Rome was so prosperous and filled with accomplishments that a single film would probably not suffice. However, Julius Caesar from 1953 captures the most awe-inspiring (and also the lowest) moment in Caesar’s life and makes it into an exquisite motion film.

The time of this event corresponds to Caesar at the peak the power of being the emperor of Rome. This was also the period that the majority of his comrades had plans to betray him at what would turn out to be an important turning point in the city’s history and the establishment of an actual empire. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the Roman Empire!

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