Movies about Wizards

Movies about the wizards are an eye-opener and worth watching. We have gathered the list of the best movies for you to watch!

Bell, Book and Candle

In this Kim Novak-Jimmy Steward romance (basically the exact opposite of Vertigo released just six months before) The story follows a Manhattanite witch casts an enchantment of love on her neighbor to ensure that she can keep him from marrying her college foe. However, her plan is shattered when she falls head-over-broomstick in love with the person she loves -however, the witches who are in love are unable to perform their duties. In 1942, the Veronica Lake-led I Married a Witch, Bell, Book and Candle were the inspiration for the TV show Bewitched. It’s worth watching just for Jack Lemmon’s performance as the bongo-playing warlock by himself. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the wizards!

Black Sunday

It was widely censored since its release , and completely banned throughout the United Kingdom — Mario Bava’s acclaimed film is presented in stark , stunning both black and white. A long-dead witch is resurrected from the dead with a ferocious desire to retribution in an enthralling visually stunning feast featuring castles, coffins and bloody gore. The images are captivating, even but not quite stomach-churning. This isn’t a film for those who are afraid of heights In the opening sequence the mask, which is spiked, is placed on the actress’s head. Then, scorpions crawl out of her ugly face that is semi-preserved. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the wizards!

The Blair Witch Project

The ancestor of the genre of found footage is a story about three filmmakers who are wandering through the Black Hills Forest, seeking out the mysterious woman believed to be haunting the forest. Let’s say that it’s not going to go well for the trio. Blair Witch was an international phenomenon, featuring an unstoppable marketing campaign that claimed that the actors were missing and believed to be dead. Yet, for all the humor and over-exposure to pop culture the film is frightening to say the least. However, you’d be best advised to avoid the sequels. The poor residents of Burkittsville, Maryland would greatly prefer you left them alone.

The Craft

Do your 10th grader a favor and hand her a copy The Craft while she works on her third essay on The Crucible. The ’90s horror film featuring a coven of high school marginalized girls holds up well and so does its dark , girl-power tone. This is a dark one not just in the sense the rites to Manon, or “the rites to Manon” performed by the girls but also in terms of the film’s dealing with real issues such as murder and rape. Robin Tunney is technicallythe leading character in the film as a dull white witch Sarah and the sister Sorceresses Neve Campbell as well as Rachel True are both delightful as Bonnie and Rochelle However, don’t make any mistake it’s Fairuza Balk’s story. She’s got blue eyes and snarls like the snarky Nancy and for her friendship I’d gladly pay an unfathomable amount of money on Hot Topic, even if it ended with her trying to murder me.

Eve’s Bayou

This stunning southern gothic comedy that is set in the 1960s of Louisiana as directed by Kasi Lemmons The film is a dark meditation on mysticism, family, and sexual sex. A ten-year-old Eve (Jurnee Smollett) witnesses her father, a womanizing doctor (Samuel Samuel. Jackson) betray her mother. After contacting her fortune-telling aunt for advice and then committing an alcoholic, unclear crime — Eve is determined to find a local voodoo therapist (Diahann Carroll) in order to get her revenge. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the wizards!

Hocus Pocus

In recent times, Hocus Pocus is now a cult classic Halloween classic, dominating the airwaves with the same force as A Christmas Story does in December. There’s a valid reason for this: It’s the perfect Halloween film and must-see for all aspiring young witches. In the film, The Sanderson Sisters — portrayed by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy — are brought back three hundred years later after their demise to cause havoc on innocent trick-or-treaters of Salem, Massachusetts. In the mix is an ancient talking cat who has memories of the boy that is enthralled by the witches, 11 year old Thora Birch as a zombie, an all-time-great version from ” I Put a Spell on You.” It is recommended as one of the best movies about the wizards!

Kiki’s Delivery Service

The Hayao Miyazaki animated movie was among the very first films made by Studio Ghibli, the beloved Japanese anime studio famous for its creation of worlds of possibility, magic and wonder full of bold, adventurous kids (particularly young girls). The animated film for children centers around 13-year-old witch Kiki is a young woman who moves out together with the ” familiar spirit” black cat, and begins the delivery business using her Broomstick. Magical abilities aren’t the only thing that makes it magical, Kiki’s Delivery Service is a touching tale about a girl who is on the brink of becoming an adult who is trying to find her place into the world and depend on her. Witches: They’re exactly like us! It is recommended as one of the best movies about the wizards!

The Love Witch

When a woman escapes the investigation into her husband’s murder at San Francisco for the California coast, she finds her new home in a gothic mansion , decorated in a manner that resembles her beloved Tarot deck. In the mansion, she begins an unstoppable quest for potion-enhanced romance and passion and seduction, interspersed with occasional murder. Auteur Anna Biller — who composed, directed and edited and directed the movie The Love Witch, in addition to acting as the film’s editor, producer as well as costume designer and composer -meticulously created this stunningly ’60s-inspired exploitation film transformed into a feminist satire that is with a heavy dose of romantic glamour and sensuality from the past. It is recommended as one of the best movies about the wizards!

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