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American Pie was one of my first films that introduced me to teen comedies. Since then, the genre has changed dramatically.

This is the story of some teenagers trying to get their virginity back before going to college. American Pie doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s relatable to many people, even in its absurdity.

American Pie wants to make you feel like a teenager again. It reminds you of those days when finding chicks was all that mattered. These movies should not be viewed with your family, regardless of how liberal your parents may be.

You Can’t Wait!

The story centers around a group friends who decide to party hard after exams. The plan does not work out as planned.

Can Hardly Wait clearly targets a younger audience. This movie doesn’t contain any deep messages. This movie is all about entertainment, and that’s what it excels at.

Can Hardly Wait is a great movie with a compelling plot and strong ensemble cast.

Road Trip

Road Trip is a story about Josh, a regular guy who mistakenly mails his random hookup video to his girlfriend. He travels 1800 miles to stop his girlfriend from seeing the video. This is their greatest adventure. Their hilarious road trip will keep you laughing all the way.

One of the best teen comedy characters I’ve ever seen is Kyle’s character development. Kyle’s transformation from a nerd into one of the most relatable characters is the best. There are some scenes that will stick with you long after the credits roll.

Road Trip has some crude sexual jokes, and even nudity. But that’s just a typical teen movie. The profanities will appeal to those who love American Pie and other films. This movie is not recommended for a date.

American Pie 2

American Pie’s sequel is a great movie. The four high school classmates are now best friends and vow to stay friends for life. When they reunite, things go horribly wrong.

Did you enjoy the original movie’s pacing, humor and rhythm? American Pie 2 brings more of the same to the table. Do you remember the scene in which Jim was caught masturbating with his father? He was the least fortunate of the group.

In this sequel, fortunes haven’t turned around either. His dad comes in and he’s having sex. It gets worse from here.

This is just one example of how crude and awkward this movie can be.

American Pie movies are always one step ahead of other teen comedies. Although there are many sexual jokes and double messages, American Pie movies have their heart right where it needs to be.

Although American Pie 2 may not be as successful as the original, it lives up to its name.

Project X

Project X is about three high school students who throw a huge party to improve their social standing. As word spreads about the party, things get out of control and escalate to an alarming extent. This movie is not one you would want to share with your family. It contains a lot of sex and drama as well as drugs. It’s okay to be proud of your sex and show it at a family gathering. More brownie points for you!

Although the ending may seem predictable, this is not a problem with all teen comedy. These movies shouldn’t be unpredictable in their endings.

This movie has received a lot criticism. This movie is not for everyone. It’s not for everyone.

Scary Movie

The 1996 teen slasher Scream is responsible for bringing back this genre. There have been tons of slasher comedies since then, but few are as good as the ones that were released.

Scary Movie is a stand-alone film with a compelling storyline and a young cast. It takes ideas from several horror movies and creates an indigestible cocktail.

The story centers around a group teenagers who accidentally ran over a man one year ago. One year later, the teens find themselves being chased and stalked by a serial killer.

Even in the most difficult moments, this movie has humor. You’ll laugh until your heart stops. Despite the predictable plotline and dark humor, it’s hard not to laugh at these stupid teens who make dumb decisions in the face adversity.

Scary Movie capitalizes on Scream’s success, but still does justice to the genre. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

Porky’s (1981).

The story is set in 1954 and follows a group of high school students whose lives revolve around sex, drinking, and partying. When they help a friend to lose his virginity, things spiral out of control.

This movie is not classy, I will say it right away. A movie about a brothel will reveal what you’re going to get.

It’s great to watch them compete against each other. It’s like your high school days.

Some scenes are too outrageous, such as the girls taking showers or making ridiculous scenes in the boys’ locker room. Movies are meant to show us things we don’t have in real life.

This movie is for those who had a lot of fun growing up.


Superbad tells the story of three high school geeks who want to get raped. They try to get their newly-met girls drunk so they can have sex with them at a party. When one of them gets into trouble with the police, things get more complicated. They start to wonder if they will ever get married as their plans fall apart.

Although the plot isn’t original, it’s still funny. All three leads feel natural in their performances. Although they are manipulative and naive teens, you will feel for them. It is undoubtedly one the most entertaining teen comedies since American Pie.

Knocked up

Ben Stone is a party savage who lives a happy, casual life. He meets Alison and she claims she is pregnant. They decide to have this baby. Will Ben grow up and be able to do the job?

Knocked Up isn’t afraid to display its vulgarity. It doesn’t mince words. It’s not a dumb movie. Although most of the jokes are offensive and sexual, they’re funny and original.

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