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Over a decade later and Inception It is still one the most iconic movies of all time. Inception is a fascinating movie that uses mind-blowing visuals and cerebral concepts and provides well-delivered explanations of those concepts. It takes the viewer on a tour through our unconscious world, which affects our conscious reality.

Leonardo DicaprioDon Cobb is an expert in corporate spyage and is charged with creating a team capable of inception, which is the infiltration into a person’s dream-state in order to create an idea for organic growth within their minds. This skill is highly sought after by the wealthy elite. The ability to alter the mind’s perception of reality can lead to huge rewards, but even more severe consequences. Cobb accepts this last job. It will test his mental faculties and cause him to lose his sanity.

These movies also manipulate reality and might cause audiences to contemplate existential questions. Christopher NolanHis films are a specialty, so it shouldn’t surprise that so many of them made it on the list. They’re not all Nolan films, but they are visually appealing and have that slickness factor that makes Inception so cool. The movies are all similar in one way or another, regardless of whether they feature recurring actors or other behind-the scenes people or that the plots or concepts challenge the nature and reality of reality. If you enjoyed Inception, then there are 12 other cerebral movies that you can watch.

Shutter Island

Shutter IslandIt elicits the same visceral reaction as its title and is quite darker than Inception. Based on the 2003 novel Dennis LehaneIt connects several recurring players on the list, including Leonardo Dicaprio. Ben KingsleyAndMartin Scorsese. U.S. officials discover clues and codes from mysterious characters. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Dicaprio), is investigating the disappearance and locating the code of the mysterious character who left clues and codes. Daniels is personally attached to the case because one mysterious patient may be the key to unraveling the truth about Daniels’ tragic wife’s death. This truth will undoubtedly challenge everything Daniels believes about himself as an officer, soldier in WW2, and husband. Therefore, a new investigation is being undertaken into what exactly he was doing on Shutter Island.

Shutter Island, like Inception, explores the idea of planting an idea in another person’s head. It also shows Daniels having dreams within dreams. Like Dicaprio’s Cobb, Teddy Daniels is haunted by his deceased wife’s memory and manipulated by it. Shutter Island’s ending may be open to interpretation.

It is similar to Inception. A keen viewer might wonder if Teddy Daniels was aware of the true implications of the scene. Shutter Island’s cinematography is gritty and gray. The music perfectly complements the disturbing exploration of the institutions’ disturbed minds. Trivia fans will be pleased to know that the music at the beginning of the film is taken from The Shining’s 1980 soundtrack. Stephen KingThe novel of starring actress?Jack Nicholson. Later, Nicholson would star alongside Dicaprio’s in The Departed – which is the next movie on this list.

The Departed

Continuing our examination of the Scorsese-Dicaprio-Nicholson connection, we have The Departed — another Boston-based cop thriller, and perhaps the least overtly Inception-ish movie on this list. Inception’s Inception, The Departed is a crime thriller that involves double-crossing, spying, gun-firing and suit-wearing. It’s certainly one of the most violent and raw films on this list. For those with sensitive sensibilities, be prepared for a lot of f-bombs and exploding headshots.

The Departed features an A-list cast, including Jack Nicholson and Leonardo Dicaprio. Matt Damon? Alec Baldwin?Mark Wahlberg and another great talent. The dialogue highlights Boston’s role in the movie. Wahlberg’s hilarious performance in this movie is unreal. The Departed will appeal to those who like Inception’s psychological head games. What about the last few minutes? Keep your jaw from dropping to the floor.


Tenet is a movie that feels like Inception. It’s actually a movie that just wants to be Inception. It does have that “slick” feel. The cool Nolan-esque signature of cerebral concepts, incredible imagery and epic musical scores is what makes it stand out. Tenet, like many other movies on this list, is a movie about “dudes wearing suits”. It’s also a complex maze of a movie. Beyond that, it’s an puzzle – a palindrome, in more ways than one. Tenet, like its title, is a palindrome. It has the same composition going forward and backwards, which adds to the film’s time-inversion theme. The film’s structure and timeline are inverted. The second half of the film is actually the first.

Inception’s characters manipulate time to their advantage by manipulating a person’s dreams-state. Tenet’s protagonists – which is what the lead character is called, The Protagonist – use technology to harness the time. Although Tenet lacks the same emotional depth and character connection as Inception, it still has the Nolan-style existentially mind-bending concepts. Tenet is a fast-paced, corporate-espionage thriller that will appeal to those who enjoyed Inception’s action plot.


Tenet isn’t the only film in which Nolan flips the structure on its head. Many of the imagery and mechanics of Tenet are reminiscent of Nolan’s 2000 breakthrough film. Memento. Bright blonde opens the film. Guy Pearce appears to be firing a gun in reverse. Or, in fact, he is firing the gun while the action is played in reverse. A polaroid is also shown in the opening shot. Memento is a classic Nolan “dude dressed in a suit” as Leonard Pearce seeks revenge and answers after the tragic death of his wife.

It is bad enough that Leonard and the police disagree on the details of the murder of his wife, but things become confusingly bizarre when you consider the “condition” Leonard has experienced since the incident. Leonard is unable to form new short-term memories and can only recall his entire life until the day of his wife’s murder. Leonard is able to identify potential suspects by using a system of permanent tattoos and instant polaroid photos. Memento, like Inception, examines the phenomenon of false memories and leaves much open for interpretation. Memento’s ending is only the beginning. And vice versa. Memento is worth a look if you enjoy cinematic mind-loops.

By Cary Grant

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