Have you ever come across an incident where you don’t get the thing that you wanted instead get the thing that was not necessary? Same is the case when it comes to movie critiques. But we are not here to shed light on some movies that had unnecessary sequels as Hollywood loves to make sequels as compared to new movies. So why not discuss some movies that were so outstanding or were open ended enough to deserve a sequel.

1. Dredd

The first movie adaptation of this character came in 1995 with the largely underappreciated Judge Dredd, which starred Sylvester Stallone in the title role. Fans never really wanted more from that perspective on the year 2000, and it bombed at the movie office. character. Although the 2012 Dredd version isn’t old enough to qualify as a classic, it is the better adaptation and unquestionably merited a follow-up.

As the steadfast Mega-City One police officer in the post-apocalyptic world, Karl Urban gave a sincere portrayal. Dredd delighted the character’s established admirers but fell short of capturing the attention of general viewers. Fans are still eager to learn more about the Dredd universe, and Urban has expressed a desire to reprise the character.

2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Creating sequels for legendary movies is rarely a wise decision. However, a successful E.T. sequel is possible if everything is done correctly. Like many popular films, a sequel was once planned before being shelved. It may make for an interesting premise for a sequel if most of it took place on E.T.’s homeworld. To capitalize on classic sequels once more, the movie can follow an adult Elliot as his children run into his boyhood friend. This movie deserves to be followed up in some way, and there are many directions it may go in a sequel.

3. The Incredible Hulk

During the initial MCU release in 2008, Things started with two movies. Of course, there were two sequels for Iron Man, and the Avengers movies continued the plot directly. The Incredible Hulk, which was released later that year, was the second. Although recurring characters like General Ross and the Abomination have made passing references to this movie, a proper sequel has not yet been announced. Bruce Banner was portrayed in the movie by Edward Norton, who was later replaced in sequels by Mark Ruffalo. Fans believe that the tale left off in the 2008 MCU black sheep has not yet been continued, even though Ruffalo plays the identical version of the character in this film.

4. Donnie Darko

Recent remarks by Richard Kelly don’t necessarily explain how a Donnie Darko sequel may function. The filmmaker makes a point of saying that he wants to do more tales in this specific universe, but he doesn’t indicate whether he plans to bring back Donnie as a character. The incredibly weird concepts introduced in the previous movie might be taken and displayed in a different part of the cosmos in this larger plot with an even bigger budget. Donnie Darko ends with many unresolved issues, thus there is plenty of room to take a completely another turn. Read this article by This Is Barry that explains Donnie Darko in the most perfect way. 

5. Inception

When the science fiction action movie debuted in theatres in 2010, it generated discussion at the box office. The popularity of Inception, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, and Elliot Page, was due to its original plot. The movies, however, also didn’t receive a follow-up. The story may pick up where Inception left off if Inception 2 were to be released in the future, which at this point doesn’t appear likely. Inception fans were left with a significant question: Are the scenes in the movie real or a dream?

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