HospitaliYAY, LLC Launches Multi-faceted Travel App Designed To Modernize Today’s Do-It-From-Anywhere Lifestyle

2021-Jul-24 Tamara Lerner and Jordan Hamond-Lipscombe have successfully launched GOeConcierge, a powerful, multi-purpose travel app that helps do-it-from-anywhere travelers stay better organized, work more collaboratively, and streamline expense reporting.

Designed for leisure and professional travelers alike, GOeConcierge is positioned to be a more affordable and flexible alternative to Concur. The app has an easy-to-use interface, intuitive file configuration and robust communication features that leverages collaboration. Furthermore, GOeConcierge has sophisticated expense reporting capabilities that include customizable tagging and AI photo recognition; two features built in to simplify capturing receipts and consolidating expenses.

Designed by travelers, for travelers, the GOeConcierge team is excited to share their experiences, travel tips, and resources with today’s play-and-work-from-anywhere community. On the Oregon home front, HospitaliYAY, LLC is thrilled to have been granted a Founders Investing in Founders sponsorship to The Technology Association of Oregon, a program underwritten by successful tech executives for young startups.

HospitaliYAY, LLC has one simple goal – enrich the travel and hospitality industry by delivering amazing products designed by a team of happy, thriving professionals. And with iOS, Google, and desktop versions of GOeConcierge now available, they are well on their path to success.

Breezy Organization

Upload travel reservations, expenses and other logistical information and you are on your way to seamless organization.

Organize Resized
  • Synchronize business and leisure information.
  • Receive push notifications and updates pertaining to travel.
  • Streamline the collection and reporting of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses.

At Its Best

Teaming up with work associates, friends or family and want to stay connected?
GOeConcierge has you covered!

Collab Resized 1
  • Stay connected by jointly accessing critical information.
  • Chat, assign tasks, and co-create lists.
  • Import, share and export photos.
  • Track, organize and report group expenses.

Expense Reporting
Made Easy

Snap expenses, log mileage, tag accordingly, and presto, your digital expense report is in the works!

  • Capture costs as they occur to save valuable time and money.
  • Standardize expense reporting across teams.
  • Generate, review and export expense reports for reimbursement, tax, and invoicing purposes.


By Cary Grant

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