Nike Dunks Low – Panda

The Nike Dunks Low – Panda is the in the Nike Dunks Low household, where its various other siblings consist of the likes of the prominent Nike Dunk Low Abyss Brickhouse, the Nike Dunk Low CL, the Nike Dunk Low Fire GS Version, to name but a few of this rather extensive family. I have to admit, however, that of all previous Nike Dunk items that I have gotten to use previously, it is the Nike Dunks Low – Panda with which I have actually obtained most captivated with.

Color-wise, my certain Air Jordan Nike Low – Panda remains in black and white rendition, with definitely no other shade in sight on the shoe; which is an amazing reality since a lot of Nike Dunks items have a tendency to incorporate a minimum of colors on their body and also sole. In this certain set of Nike Dunks Low – Panda, Nike makes use of an immaculate white sole, all the way up to the top area of the sole (which in many other Nike items often tend to be made in a different color from the reduced area).

The top part of the shoe, on the other hand, is mostly black, with the white only being available in on the Nike tick and also a little spot of the shoe that runs between the top of the shoe’s ‘tongue’ as well as the back end of the shoe. Even the shoe shoelaces on the Nike Dunks Low Panda are in fact black.

Talking of Footwear shoelaces, what sets apart the Nike Low – Panda from other low Nike products is the reality that it features a rather long ‘shoe-lace setup’ (I recall its concerning ), a clear separation from the pattern on various other Nike Blazer Dunk Low items where the threading system tends to much shorter, with some featuring as few as sets of openings (6 openings in overall). Certainly, there is still the choice of leaving some holes unthreaded if that’s what you expensive.

One more function that distinguishes the Nike Low – Panda from many other Nike Dunk Low items (and also certainly from a lot of Nike Dunk items) is that it’s absence of gradient, this being basically of a flat shoe from the front to the back. This relative monotony, then, makes the Nike Dunk Low Panda a great product when you are seeking to acquire that ‘laid-back smart’ appearance (like for the ‘dress-down’ days at the workplace), which most various other items of its ilk have a tendency to lack, getting approved for the ‘casual’ part of the formula yet falling short the ‘wise’ part of it.

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