Nonprofits Need More Followers

Cross-promote all your channels

As a P.S., include calls-to-action in your email signup confirmation pages and welcome series in your email marketing and on your website’s footer. Ask your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram or tweet a link to your Youtube channel, inviting them to subscribe. Your chances of attracting new increase Facebook likes uk the more you see your accounts.

Badge it

Visitors can follow your social accounts by clicking the Add Like, Tweet, and Follow buttons. You can also install a page badge to share your Facebook page on your site and other blogs. Badges are images, and they load faster than widgets. Be aware that the design might not match your website’s layout.

Talk to other accounts.

This is why social networking is called such. You can build partnerships by commenting on and liking posts from similar organizations to increase your exposure. When appropriate, share their content. Use hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay connected to other organizations and users. Social media can be described as a vast, continuous cocktail party. Your goal is to meet people and have conversations.


According to Pew data, 69% believe social media platforms are essential for getting politicians to pay more attention to specific issues. How is this done? Hashtags. You can build your audience by organizing your hashtag campaign around critical issues. If you do it well, there are higher chances that people will be aware of #KnowYourLemons than your organization. This allows you to interact with existing fans and bring new followers to your cause. Include the hashtag in your bio.

Assemble your ambassadors

Trusting a person is more important than relying on a brand. Ask staff to follow your social media pages and invite their friends. They can also like, comment, and share recent posts. Human Rights Watch used this strategy to increase its visibility on social media through employees’ personal accounts. It became one of the most visited nonprofits on the internet. You might also ask your board members and super-fans the same. All employees should include your social media links in their email signatures.

Incentivize follows

You can use a service such as ViralSweep or Shortstack to create a giveaway where users receive an entry for every platform they follow. This can be used to meet honorees at your next event or for corporate swag.

Develop influencer relationships

A complete strategy for nonprofit influencers is not necessary. Think about the most influential people in your cause or the ones with the highest followings. Ask them if they are willing to repost something from your organization or give you a shout-out on their channels.

Use popups

Popups are already used to drive signups for email. You can flip the script and use popups to increase followers. Our guide to popups in nonprofits is available here.

Tag your followers

If you host an event or go to one with your followers, tag them in all photos, you post on increase Facebook followers uk. Or ask them to organize themselves if they are attending a large gathering. This will be visible on their feeds, and friends of your followers will be more likely than not to visit your page. Consider a photo booth for events and galas that allows attendees to take their photos and share them instantly (tagging your account).

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