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Who knew that the holy book of Islam, known as the Quran, learn Quran online for kids could be studied in an online, remote manner? With so many great study tools available on the internet, it only makes sense that you would be able to learn Quran online for kids from any location in the world. But how can you know if this online madrasa is any good? You may have heard rumors or read testimonials from their students in order to get an idea, but these are all based on personal experience and could be biased

David Cameron uses his new speech at the conservative party conference to announce that Madrassas, Sunday School, Yeshiva and other religious institutions that teach children “intensively” must register with the Ministry of Education and will be subject to inspection.

Prime Minister’s proposal means that all additional schools of religion in the UK who teach children for more than eight hours a week will be subject to inspection. Those who fail to meet the required standards or are found “Teaching Intolence” will be closed.

Cameron tries to be politically true by referring to all religious institutions when announcing the policy. But it is clear from his speech that it mainly targets Muslim Madrasa. He watched him by expressing his concern that “There are some children who spend a few hours every day in Madrassa” and that “in some Madrasa we have children who are taught that they cannot associate with people from other religions, beaten, beaten, swallowed, swallow Conspiracy Theory of Jews “. Referring to” conspiracy theories about Jewish people “, the Prime Minister promotes cracks between communities that are not in accordance with national leaders.

Commenting on Cameron’s speech, Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association, said:

There are real causes of concern in the use of madrasas and Muslim schools that are continuous as a only example of fundamentalist or extremist teaching. The government must recognize that indoctrination and intolerance are found in schools from all religions.

Copson claims that “Thousands of Jewish children in Yeshiva who are very orthodox grows not to learn English, are cut off from other communities and teach to be afraid or even hate people outside their direct community,” and he also mentioned indoctrination in some Christian schools .

David Cameron criticized several Madrasas. Andy Rain/EPa

There seems to be a lack of awareness about challenges related to this new policy, or why plans that focus on regulating additional schools have been suspended in the past. Proposal for Voluntary Behavior Code for several additional religious schools, which were suspended by the new Ministry of Education in 2014.

Muslim families are targeted

The real problem here is an explicit target of the religious community that has been faced with the challenges of education, economics and social. Instead of trying to understand and pay attention to these problems, Muslims are exploited politically and are responsible for extremism, thereby increasing their marginalization. Many previous government initiatives and policies aimed at reducing marginalization have failed to young Muslims – such as the law of racial relationships (amendments), every child important, or building schools for the future.

The growth of schools -Additional Islamic Faith Schools in the West is a new phenomenon. There is no proper statistics about how many additional religious schools are in the UK, but it is estimated that between 3,000 to 5,000.

These schools have received support and popularity in this era since the fatwa in the book Salman Rushdie Satanic Verses and since 9/11 to reject the threats felt from the secular society to Islamic culture, moral values, and Muslim identity. They have also been created to challenge the exceptions in schools of mainstream schools, and to increase the achievement of the education of Muslim children, job opportunities and social mobility and above.

Why Faith Education

Concerns about the achievement of low education from second-generation Muslims, third or even fourth in the state system and social, economic, and political marginalization in broader British society have acted as major drivers for some Muslim parents to send their children to full During the school of Islamic faith even when they have to pay fees.

Higher performance than Muslim children in schools of full time this time increases incentives to send children to religious schools. But there is

How to learn online Quran for kids with online madrasa

There are plenty of ways to learn online Quran for kids, but none may be as convenient as using an online madrasa. Online madrasas will provide you with a live instructor over Skype or another video chat platform. This means you can learn online Qur’an without missing any school or family time—it’s easier than driving your child around on a weekend morning.

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