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At Peter Lees, we have a team of diligent, dedicated, and enthusiastic professionals all working together to not only be the BEST real estate agency in Tasmania but also CHANGE the way real estate is Bought, Sold & Managed.

Our strongest desire is to promote ethics in real estate, we do this by tearing up the rule book and running our real estate business differently from traditional agencies. We offer Risk-Free Selling, Award Winning Property Management Services, Smart Selling, and more.

Our aim is to make buying, selling, or renting a property in Northern Tasmania a stress-free, and even joyful experience!

Changing The Way Property is Bought, Sold & Managed.


152 Brisbane Street Launceston TAS 7250


03 6331 5544



Peter Lees Real Estate has a team of dedicated people in Real Estate Sales, all working together to become the best Real Estate office in Launceston, Tasmania. The principles of this office are aligned with those of the Jenman Approved Group and the Pittard Training Group. These principles are promoting Ethics in Real Estate. Our sales team takes this responsibility very seriously.

We aim to change the way property is bought, sold and managed, and this is why…

Our Founder Peter Lees,  spent many years sitting on an international real estate board “discussing” ways to improve real estate practices that were never fully actioned. After attending a workshop in 1999 run by a real estate guru called Neil Jenman, Peter was prompted to think:

· Why do real estate agents charge sellers such exorbitant amounts for advertising?

· Why do agents commit sellers to auctions when most in the industry would never do an auction for their own mother?

· Why conduct open homes when we know that we can get much better results by actually talking to buyers?

· Why? Why? Why?

The workshop was challenging and confronting. It was diametrically opposed to nearly all standard industry training at the time. It was truly a lightening-bolt moment! The practices they had been taught previously were for the benefit of agents, not consumers. After the workshop, the Peter Lees team were retrained and the huge job of changing the way real estate is bought, sold and managed, right here in Launceston, had begun.

Real Estate does not need to be traumatic or costly. Director Terry Robinson’s belief is that if we use our real estate skills to help a family in our community, our reward is not only financial but also personally satisfying.  He believes in putting the clients needs ahead of our own interests and that’s why they keep coming back!

Terry’s real estate experience is extensive. He joined the team in 1990, when it was operating as Tabe & Lees, progressing to Sales Manager in 2003, Part-Owner and Director in 2011, and Sole Owner in 2015.

As your real estate helpers, we are happy to advise you on any real estate matter. Our team are available 7 days a week on Ph: (03) 6331 5544


Quite simply, we put our clients needs above our own.

Everything we do at Peter Lees Real Estate requires a team effort. We work together, appreciating each others skills (as well as our quirky personalities!). This cohesive team approach allows us to deliver the best outcomes for all of our clients – buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants alike.

Every member of the team, including sales consultants are paid a secure salary. Nobody is paid on ‘commission only’ basis. This method goes hand-in-hand with our mission statement:

  • To provide the finest real estate service in Australia based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.
  • In doing so, we will earn the loyalty and trust of homesellers and homebuyers who will become our lifelong clients and friends because we always place their interests ahead of our own.
  • This is our mission. We will live up to it in everything we do. Our success will always be measured by the happiness and loyalty of our clients.

Did you know that 80% of home buyers find their property online?

We will market your property in such a way that it reflects this fact. And … we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. Sound good?


Our website is first class. Potential buyers can receive customised e-alerts, they can fine-tune their search parameters as well as see all of the properties we have for sale. They can share also share your properties via social media sites. It is also a fully responsive site, in that it will re-size automatically depending on the type of device it is being viewed on (smart phone, computer, tablet device etc)

Qualified Staff

We have a qualified marketing consultant on our staff who works closely with our sales consultants to ensure that your property is presented at its best.

Website Portals

We will advertise your property on the top website portals at no cost to you. You will see your property on, and as well as our own website.

Radio Advertising

We have been running successful radio campaigns for years. There would be few people in Launceston who have not heard the voice of Peter Lees  and now Terry Robinson coming though their radio. So many buyers and sellers come to us saying “I heard what you were saying on the radio and wow, that is so true!”. We regularly voice our strong opinion against Public Auctions and Open Homes. Under no circumstances are these methods in the best interest of the client – whether they are the buyer, seller, tenant or landlord.

Newspaper Advertising

We believe wholeheartedly in advertising our company over individual properties. Buyers come to Peter Lees Real Estate because they KNOW we have quality homes for sale. Buyers generally come to us with quite a specific type of property, location and price in mind.  When one of our team gives them the opportunity to see a property that matches all of their requirements but is in a slightly different suburb, or the perfect location comes up, but the house doesn’t quite meet ALL of their requirements, what we see more often than not is the buyer falls in love with this ‘unmatched’ property. If we were to advertise your property in the newspaper, you would only attract a buyer who was specifically interested in your suburb, possibly your street, the price you have selected as well as the particulars of the property. Why would you only want to advertise to this buyer when advertising online can net you so many more potential buyers.


By Cary Grant

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