Property Sites vs. Real Estate Sites: Which is Better for Buying a House?

There are many ways to find your dream home, but when it comes to the market, there are two ways to find real estate: property sites and real estate sites. Which type of site you should use depends on your needs and how much of a do-it-yourself kind of person you are. This guide will help you understand the difference between these two real estate purchasing methods and give you the information you need to make the best choice for your needs.

What are property sites?

Property sites are essentially real estate listings that are bought and sold through online marketplaces—think Ebay, but instead of buying and selling golf clubs or vintage video games, you’re buying and selling houses. 

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Property sites allow you to save searches and browse listings, then buy directly from sellers on any number of different websites that have listings on their platform. A few examples of property sites include Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin. No matter which website you choose to use, keep in mind that property websites don’t give out much information about each listing other than basic details such as square footage, asking price, and location; buyer beware!

What are real estate sites?

There are plenty of real estate sites that make searching for homes fun and easy—and they’re especially helpful if you’re relocating to a new city. Some even show you nearby restaurants, attractions, and more! If you’re an expert shopper who knows what they want, but just don’t have time to search around, using these sites may be your best bet! Many of them even have apps so you can search on-the-go; some will even alert you when a property matches your criteria or price range, so there’s no need to sift through tons of options in order to find something useful.

On the other hand, property sites like Zillow® and Redfin® are more targeted to potential homebuyers—in fact, it’s your primary objective to do so with these sites! Not only can you find listings on them, but they’ll also help you narrow down exactly what kind of home you want so that everything from how much you can afford to how much space and yard maintenance (or lack thereof) you’re okay with all line up perfectly in your new house. Both websites also give details about local amenities, transportation options and even fun things to do nearby in an effort to get away from staring at tiny pictures of kitchens on your phone all day.

The bottom line

While there are differences between property and real estate sites, which you choose will ultimately depend on what your needs are, both in terms of budget and resources. If you have limited funds but some time to spare, consider using property-listing websites like Trulia and Zillow.

By Michael Caine

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