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Welcome to Realestate 88, Perth’s No. 1 Inner City Agency. As a multi-award-winning company, we pride ourselves on giving our clients premium real estate services in Sales and Property Management.

Realestate88 is a sophisticated boutique real estate company based in Perth, Western Australia. Realestate88 operates only in selected metropolitan and lifestyle locations where a savvy, discerning clientele appreciates our premium, boutique identity and unique points of difference.

We sell all kinds of homes, from studios to penthouses with the same commitment, professionalism and attention to detail. We believe outstanding presentation, strategic marketing, genuine client service and superior sales skills are the core ingredients of a premium outcome at any price level.

Realestate88 believes great people make a great business. Our agents are talented, dedicated and community minded professionals. We value integrity, trust and sincerity as much as we value hard work, determination and success. Our people do business with heart and purpose and we support them with a business environment conducive to success.

At Realestate88, we aim to be the best. We strive to shine in every area of our business, continually reinventing ourselves as we find better ways to achieve our clients’ goals. We are a learning organisation. We aim to regularly review our structure, systems and processes, asking ourselves: How can we improve our service to our clients?

To succeed as an organisation facing today’s business challenges, we feel customer service should always be our main focus and more importantly, we believe in the business of being human. We value our clients understanding that good working relationships need care and consideration. As we move forward and offer an exciting opportunity to the Perth Real Estate Market we continue to be enthusiastic, optimistic and grateful for your support.

Our Name

Realestate88 offers a fresh new approach to the Perth real estate market. Established in 2010 – the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac, the Realestate88 team resembles many characteristics of the Tiger – courageous, fearless and victorious.

Realestate88 is owned and run by Peter and Jasmyn Wright, two very successful real estate experts with more than 20 years experience and who are committed to ensuring they exceed clients expectations.

“Our business and brand articulates our vision and values, and shapes how we think, how we behave and how we serve you, our valued clients. This means listening to what you want and then finding superior solutions based on our excellent experience, expertise and knowledge of the real estate industry and Perth market.”
Peter Wright.

Peter Wright

Founding Director – East Perth Office

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0438 727 476

Jasmyn Wright

Founding Director/ Licensee – East Perth Office

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0488 488 644

Brendon Habak

Director – Perth Office

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0423 200 400

Jen Romney

General Manager of Property Management – East Perth Office

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0488 668 227


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