How do you recognize ercol Furniture?

How do you recognize ercol Furniture?

Perhaps you’ve seen a classic Windsor Chair in your local antique shop or are bidding on a used sideboard on eBay. If you’re interested Furniture Lounge Sunderland in knowing how to distinguish Ercol furniture, then you’ve found the right website. Ercol is now renowned for its timeless Furniture that works in traditional and modern homes. But the design house has an extensive and distinguished timeline.

It was founded in 1920 by the designer Lucian R. Ercolani. Despite his Italian origins, Ercolani launched Ercol at High Wycombe, the heart of English furniture production. The goal was to make authentic and trustworthy Furniture. One hundred years later, the brand has always been faithful to these principles.

Through the years, ercol has developed and created various furniture pieces. From lounge chairs and display cabinetry, archives of ercol contain classics that have stood the test of time. With the variety of designs available in the market, it’s difficult to determine if the Furniture you purchase is authentic Ercol.

In addition, the ercol’s fame and tradition means that the name is so popular that it’s part of our culture. This means that ercol is frequently used to refer to chairs of the same style but aren’t original. This is also true for their well-known designs, such as the Windsor Chair. It can be challenging to search for authentic ercol furniture difficult on resale websites and in retail stores with established brands.

Luckily, there are helpful suggestions about distinguishing the Furniture of ercol that can aid in making your decision-making process a bit more accessible.

Think About The Piece

It’s vital to realize that copying Furniture from Ercol isn’t an enormous business. Since ercol has been making its designs for a long time, there are plenty of old-fashioned pieces to choose from. The details from the past are often sold at affordable prices, and the quality of contemporary ercol furniture is difficult to duplicate with a tight budget.

There is a lot of profit to be made from counterfeits. There are plenty of Ercol-inspired chairs available, but when the name “ercol” isn’t connected to it, it’s probably not authentic. The cost will usually be much lower as well.

Consider the Furniture you’re considering. If it’s advertised as an Ercol, not the most sought-after designs, or if it’s showing some wear and tear, that’s a great indication. Living room storage furniture UK

Because the market for fake Furniture from ercol is tiny and only existed a few years ago, chances are high that it’s authentic. If the table has ercol branding such as stickers or labels, it’s a good indication.

Are There Labels?

The discovery of an original ercol logo on Furniture is a sure Furniture Warehouse Sunderland way to ensure the item’s authenticity. Because ercol is a long-standing brand, many labels and symbols are associated with it. But there are a few essential things to look for.

For antique pieces, look for small blue label designs printed on metallic paper and gold-colored roundels. Contemporary works are more likely to incorporate an aluminum roundel into the base.

The logo of the company has also changed with time. However, for older pieces, you will see a lion seated above the name ercol . for contemporary details, the logo is just the word “ercol” written in lowercase.

If the Furniture is sold under a different brand’s name attached, the jig’s in the air. The piece you’re viewing was designed by Ercol but isn’t authentic.

Does It Have To Be Scratch?

It’s not easy to distinguish ercol furniture when you cannot recognize wood species on the surface and don’t know the basics of joinery. Fortunately, we’re here to assist. Bedroom furniture UK

One way to tell if you have an authentic Windsor Chair is to check out the wooden sticks that make the backrest. Each genuine Windsor Chair ever made will include round bats. If the chair you’re viewing is made of oval or square bars, then take it off the list since it’s likely not authentic.

When looking at an Ercol chair, consider how the sticks or legs join the base. A lot of Ercol chairs employ a method known as wedge joinery. This method is pretty easy to spot. Look for small circular shapes with a different wood grain compared to other parts of the chair.

They’ll be where the legs join the seat, providing an additional design element. If you purchase Furniture other than the same as a chair, You can expect to receive the same quality of artistry.

If the price is right

The price can be an effective identifier when identifying authentic Furniture from the Ercol brand. But, prices can confuse because one of the benefits of buying Furniture from the past is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

It is common to find affordable Furniture from the past through resale websites like eBay, Vinterior, and Etsy. This makes pricing a problematic method of identifying authentic Furniture from Ercol.

It’s simpler for everyday items or some sought-after antique Ercol designs. The most sought-after pieces, such as antique Butterfly and Windsor chairs, could be sold if they are in good shape. Since ercol furniture is built to last, and usually the patina that is a result of the ages only adds to it. Sunderland Furniture Centre

If you’re looking for antique Furniture, they’re likely genuine if their quality is good and the label is correct. For cool contemporary designs sold in brand new condition, the wildly low price could be an indication. When the cost is drastically divergent from the prices on the website of ercol, take it off the table.


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