Retail Pharmacy Technician Job Description

I’ve been writing articles on the benefits and ways to become a pharmacist technician, however, some feedback from my readers has led me to find out something obvious Retail Pharmacy . Nearest Walmart What exactly do pharmacists perform in pharmacies. Many people think they assist pharmacists enter prescriptions and take inventory of pills. This is the case in an outpatient pharmacy sometimes referred to as an retail pharmacy, but there are many jobs for pharmacy techs working in healthcare. This article will explore the duties of pharmacists working in a community or retail setting, as well as provide an outline of the tasks. In future articles, we will explore various settings in pharmacies for pharmacy techs, as well as the specific job descriptions and tasks related to them.

Community and Retail Pharmacy: I’ve worked in retail and prefer other settings. However this is the most common place jobs for pharmacy technicians are available. Nearest Walmart What pharmacists can perform is determined by the state in which they operate under state laws and regulations. In general, pharmacists cannot give clinical information to patients or serve as the final source of information for prescriptions. In certain states, pharmacists can give information about over-the-counter (OTC) medications (ie medicines which do not require prescriptions like acetaminophen, and ibuprofen). The tasks that pharmacists can be assigned in a retail pharmacy are: general technician buyer technician, lead technician, compounding technician along with billing/insurance technicians. In the majority of pharmacies pharmacists are general technicians that possess some of the skills listed above sets. When you enter an area with a lot of traffic there is the possibility of jobs that are differentiating, where staff members are given specialized jobs (based on the requirements for the particular pharmacy).

The responsibilities of a pharmacy technician in retail pharmacies may include but aren’t only limited to:

  • Gathering information about patients (insurance and personal details when needed)
  • The entry and processing of prescriptions is done in the computer system.
  • Selling and filling prescriptions
  • Inquiring for refills from doctor’s offices for patients
  • The compounding medication is not commercially available
  • The process of ordering prescriptions for medications
  • Stocking shelves
  • Answering the phone
  • In collaboration with insurers in accepting payments for certain medicines
  • In charge of the cash register, and managing accounting functions

Retail pharmacies are often given some bad press from the profession of pharmacy. However, I do prefer hospital pharmacies (which is the subject in the following article) I was awed by my time at an retail pharmacy. I got to know my customers (I prefer to refer to them as customers) personally. It’s a wonderful feeling when a regular customer arrives at our pharmacy. You can identify the person by name, perhaps some of their family and most important , you are aware of their medical background. As a result of this you can make sure the patient’s drug regimen is in order, and as a pharmacist, you can aid in determining whether there are alternatives that can be used to prescription medications to save the patient money.

In the end they are the most frequent kind of pharmacy and hence the location in which the majority of pharmacy technicians are employed. Because of an increasing population (thank to baby boomers!) the retail pharmacies will always be in popularity. If you locate a nice retail pharmacy and have a great personnel to work with the retail pharmacy technician position is a great experience Read more

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