Sacred Heart University Guide – Sacred Heart Acceptance Rate

About 64 applicants are accepted each year if 100 people apply to SHU. The university also has an acceptable acceptance rate of 64%. The average GPA score for students is 3.50. The deadline to apply for Sacred Heart University is February 15, 2020. Read about Sacred Heart Acceptance Rate below

The admission process at Sacred Heart University involves a straightforward application process. Step 1: Submitting an application. This is the first step that a candidate must take to be admitted to Sacred Heart University. For admission to the university, interested applicants can call (203) 371-7999 to apply or go online. You can also visit the admissions office at 5151 Park Ave in Fairfield, Connecticut 068251000 to apply for admission. 

They can also contact Sacred Heart University’s admissions department by telephone to apply for admission. Step 2: Acceptance at Sacred Heart University After submitting the application and paying the enrollment fee, applicants must submit the following documents to be accepted by SHU: Essay: This is also known as the personal essay. It allows the applicant to show off their accomplishments and personality. 

It is recommended that applicants include personal stories and anecdotes. Transcripts: It is important to submit transcripts from high school and university. Parchment (or other similar platforms) can be used by applicants to submit the transcripts. Official Test Scores: Not all students have to submit SAT or ACT scores to SHU. These official scores can help a candidate make a stronger case for a spot at Sacred Heart University. After the university has completed reviewing applications, additional information or documents may be required. 

Step 3 is confirmation of attendance. Candidates must confirm their attendance at Sacred Heart University as part of Step 3. They will also need to complete the Financial Check-In and choose their housing. This involves reviewing the Summary of Accounts (scholarships fees and tuition costs), selecting a lodging option, choosing a payment plan and making the first payment. Candidates must also complete the Math and English assessments before they can register for classes. Step 4 is registered for classes. After completing all of the above, candidates can register for courses.

Get the SAT Scores You Need to Get in

There is currently no information on the average SAT score and other requirements for admission to the Sacred Heart University. Admission to the university is not contingent on SAT scores.

ACT Scores that you need to get into

ACT scores are a crucial component of college applications and can make a candidate’s profile shine. They make them a strong candidate for admission to any college or university. Sacred Heart University has not made public any information about the minimum requirements for ACT scores. Candidates can submit their ACT scores to be admitted to Sacred Heart University. However, the university does not place much emphasis on this.

GPA Requirements and Average GPA

Grade points Average (GPA)


A good GPA will increase a candidate’s chances of being admitted to any college they choose. It can also help them stand out among the crowd. A high GPA is an important factor in admission to Sacred Heart University. Candidates must have at least 3.0 GPA and above-average grades in high school. The average GPA for those accepted to SHU is 3.50. Applicants must be able to understand the requirements for admission. This includes the documents required and the information that is used for admission decisions at Sacred Heart University. Along with their application, candidates must submit important documents to the university. These documents include the Secondary school GPA, Secondary school record. Candidates are encouraged to submit additional documents such as Completion of college preparatory program for admission.

How High Is Sacred Heart University Rated?


College Factual analyses over 2,000 colleges and universities for its annual rankings. It ranks them in a variety ways including best diversity, best overall quality and best for non-traditional students.

In the 2021 rankings, Sacred Heart University received 33 badges. Criminal justice and corrections is the school’s highest-ranked major.

College Factual’s 2021 ranking for the best colleges in America landed Sacred Heart at #479. This ranking was determined by higher education experts who analyzed 1,715 colleges, universities and other institutions across the country.

Sacred Heart College is ranked #9 out of 19 colleges in Connecticut.

Can You Get Into the Sacred Heart?

Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate for Sacred Heart University is competitive at 60%. Make sure to take your application seriously as you put it together. You could lose your place in the acceptance list for omitting a single detail.

Sacred Heart University Faculty

Faculty to Student Ratio

At Sacred Heart University, the student-to-faculty ratio is approximately average at 14:1. This ratio can be used to determine how many students are in an average class, and how much time professors have with each student. This ratio is approximately 15 to 1.

Percentage of Full-Time Faculty

A measure of how many full-time faculty members is used to determine how much access students will have. Part-time faculty spend less time on campus and may not be as accessible to students as full-timers.

33% of Sacred Heart University’s full-time faculty are full-time. This is lower than the 47% national average.

Graduation and Retention Rates at Sacred Heart University

Freshmen Retention Rate

84% of freshmen are retained at Sacred Heart University. This is a sign that full-time students love the school and their professors enough that they want to stay for another year. This is also a sign the admissions team did an excellent job selecting applicants that were a good fit to the school.

Graduation rate

If students complete their studies within four years, they are considered to have completed their degree on time. The on-time graduation rate for full-time first-time students at Sacred Heart is 58%. This is a great rate compared to the 33.3% national average.

Excellent Overall Diversity at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart had 6,158 undergraduates in 2017-2018, with 5,348 of them being full-time and 810 part-time.

Sacred Heart Diversity score

College Factual doesn’t just consider the proportion of women in a school’s overall diversity score. It examines how diverse a school is in terms of gender, ethnicity, and origin.

Sacred Heart’s diversity score is 66.81/100, which means that it is more diverse than other schools in the country.

Student loan debt

College students are not unusual to get loans to help pay for college. Almost 66% of college students rely at least partially on loans. Sacred Heart had approximately 65% students who took out student loans at a rate of $10,327 per year. This adds up over four years to $41,308 for these students.

The default rate for student loans at Sacred Heart College is 3.3%. This is significantly lower that the 10.1% national default rate, which is a sign that you will be able repay your student loans.

What is the Average Salary for Sacred Heart Grads?

Although certain majors may pay more than others in some areas, students who earn a bachelor’s from Sacred Heart go on to get jobs that pay an average of $56,000 in their early years. This is great news for Sacred Heart graduates, as it is 41% higher than the average college graduate’s annual salary of $39802 per annum.

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