Simple And Successful Packaging Designs

If done correctly, packaging can sell your products. It can make your brand stand out in the retail aisles. Besides, protecting the products, another purpose of packaging is to grasp the attention of customers.  The way you design your custom-printed boxes delivers a message about your brand. Simple and successful packaging designs work at their best. Various factors need to be considered to design inspirational packaging which appeals masses. Leading graphic designers keep an eye on changing market trends. They come up with unique ideas to design custom-printed boxes for retail packaging. Below are some of the simple and successful packaging designs to inspire customers:

Honey Packaging:

It is one of the best examples of simple and attractive packaging design. The white custom cardboard boxes resemble beehive boxes. They are designed with embossed ridges to show the planks of wood and nails. A die-cut slit is made on the front of the box to show that the bees are on their way. These custom packaging are gold foiled. As the consumer opens the box, the honey bottle, internal pattern and various small die-cut bees are revealed.

NYC Spaghetti:

This packaging design was created for the first time by a university student. As it was implemented by a brand for its spaghetti packaging, it flies off the retail shelves. The mod placed at the bottom of custom cardboard boxes gives the shape of sky scrapper building to the spaghetti as it comes out.

Butter With A Knife:

Disposable butter is used at picnics, cafes, and aeroplanes. Arranging a knife becomes a problem as people often forget to carry it. This wonderful and simple butter packaging comes with a wooden knife at the top. This makes butter open easily and spread quickly. Such custom packaging boxes add fun and excitement to your daily routine of spreading butter.

Gortz Shoelace Box:

This shoe packaging was designed to enhance the sale of the product and facilitate its shipment. The packaging can be used as custom shipping boxes, placing the box one over the other and tie together with the laces coming out. Moreover, they provide a great view when displayed in a retail store. The white cardboard boxes are designed simply with an illustration of a shoe. The laces come out to make a handle. Such packaging adds to the functionality of the product and makes it easy to carry.

Kleenex Tissue Box:

People always appreciate something new, and surprising. These printed packaging boxes for tissues are designed in a wide assortment of colours. They give an illusion of fresh fruit slices, perfect enough to boost your mood in summer. The custom boxes are designed with maturity because the package is not bombarded with excessive information about a customer’s neither wants nor needs.

Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox:

This creative matchbox design was a great success. As the customer opens the small cardboard boxes, he gets an image of a vehicle loaded with wooden logs. Moreover, the side of the vehicle is beautifully used for lighting up the matchstick.

Delysoy Ingenious Cutting Spaghetti Box:

Die-cutting is becoming trendy and successful these days. Most of the traditional custom packaging boxes hide the product present inside them. Modern designers have worked on new ideas to expose the product inside and integrate it into the part of packaging design. This integration can be achieved by forming identifiable shapes to complement the content of the package. Moreover, you can make any illustration on the box and use ingenious cut-outs to display your product.

Huf Laser Cut Package:

Laser cutting allows manufacturers to create intricate designs, interesting cut-outs, and 3D layering effects. Cardboard and wood support laser cutting to make your custom-printed boxes more attractive. This adorable glasses packaging is designed from this new technique. The manufacturer has implemented a textural design to improve its physical quality. Such wonderful packaging is perfect to be used as custom gift boxes for your loved ones.

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