No matter whether you were born in the ’80s, the ’90s, the Aughts, or none of these, it’s difficult to deny the cultural phenomenon known as Stranger Things. The hugely popular Netflix show quickly gained in popularity. And, with the positive impact from the latest season, it seems like it is poised to be one of Netflix’s most beloved shows. This Indiana-based sci-fi comedy is loved by many. This TV show is a great way to get into the funny, caring emotions of an emotional rollercoaster.

There are many choices in Stranger ThingsHalloween costumes. It doesn’t matter if you are dressing up for an October party or trick-or-treating your children, or even the release party of a new season. Stranger Things features a lot of memorable moments and characters. Choosing the right costume can be hard.

We’ve put together a guide for people who are not familiar with the show. These characters are considered to be the major players on the show. They include:

Eleven (Jane Hopper)

Jim Hopper

Mike Wheeler

Dustin Henderson

Lucas Sinclair

Jonathan Byers

Will Byers

Steve Harrington

The Demogorgon

The following secondary options may be preferred by hardcore fans for parties or other occasions:

Billy Hargrove

Dr. Alexei

Murray Bauman

Eggo Waffles

Dr. Brenner

The Alphabet Wall

Below is a list of 23 of the best Stranger Things costumes. There’s something for everyone.

Jim Hopper Halloween Costume for Men

We would love to hear from you if there is a more loved character than Chief Hopper. Jim Hopper’s comedy, sacrifice, and heroism are all fan favorites. Now, with this Men’s Jim Hopper Halloween costume, you can have that same popularity for only one night. Don’t forget any episodes from Season Three. Don’t worry, just slip on this ensemble and pretend there is nothing to be worried about. For fans who love the show, the complete set includes the shirt (pants, pants), belt, badges, and hat.

Lucas – Rothco Large Camo Bandana

Lucas Sinclair was one of the four main characters at the beginning of season one. He was initially skeptical about Eleven’s intentions but he quickly accepted her into the fold. Put this Rothco Large Camo Bandana Over Your Head to get the familiar camo-bandana to look Lucas likes.

Baby Face Rubie’sStranger ThingsBaby Face Mask

This Stranger Things Rubie’s Baby Face Mask speaks to viewers who have already seen Season Two. It was worn by Eleven during her search for her home. Although the reference is a little niche, stranger Things fans will love it. Even better, friends can team up with you to complete the mask-wearing ensemble. This mask can be paired with a dark shirt and a pair of jeans for a complete look.

Dr. Brenner Temporary Hair Colour Wax by Sovoncare

Have a work outfit, a dark tie, and some hair? This is your chance to look like Hawkins the creep who likes experimentation on children. Use this Sovoncare Temporary Hair Color Wax to give yourself the character-identifying grey hair. After all the drama in Season One, we aren’t sure if he’s still around. Some clues hint that he may still be alive. However, Season Four will reveal the truth. It’s possible.

Mike Wheeler- Amazon Essentials Men’s Slimfit Quick-Dry Polo shirt

Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Sleeve Shirt is a great costume for Halloween. For Mike’s Season Three look you will want to pair the aqua polo shirt with ankle-high socks and uncomfortably tall gym shorts. This is a great choice if you want to create a couple’s look from the series. Eleven & Mike are certainly a favorite among Stranger Things viewers.

Dr. Alexei – JM Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Although Dr. Alexei may not be the most complex or most easily recognized character, he was still loved by many. This is the best season yet. You can put on these JM Blue Light Blocking Computerglasses, a white shirt, and a half-believable accent to become the favorite Russian scientist. The average person may not be able to identify you but Stranger Things lovers will.

Stranger Things Alphabet Shirt

It might not be the perfect “costume”, since it’s difficult to dress as a wall. However, this Stranger ThingsAlphabet Tee will give fans plenty of chills. This t-shirt can be used to remind friends of one the most frightening scenes in the series. Don’t worry if it doesn’t. Just… R… U…N. Pair with dark jeans. You could even add an extra pair or two of the twinkle lights if possible.

Stranger Season 3 Cosplay things Demogorgon mask

The Demogorgons may look a little like the piranha plants in Super Mario but they are much more adorable than the video-game villains. With the Stranger Season 3 Cosplaythings Demogorgon Masque, your head can be transformed into a Demogorgon. Open its mouth and reveal its muscles, intimidating teeth, and its muscles. The mask is made with latex and ranks as the scariest option on our checklist. The mask can be made in a matter of minutes, so it’s a good last-minute option.

By Cary Grant

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