The Benefits of Having Road Blockers, Rising Kerbs, and Automatic Rising Bollards

Protecting business premises, learning institutions, manufacturing units, and homes from unauthorised access is critical. There are numerous tools to help you achieve this. Barriers, gates, and bollards are only a few devices used to increase security at your premises. When meeting the challenges of car traffic, there may be other tools to consider too. Here are the benefits of having rising kerbs, road blockers, and rising bollards.

What are Rising Kerbs?

These are forms of road blockers made from a hollow steel frame. These can sit flush with a road area they operate in when not in use. When in need, these can rise to prevent access to unauthorised vehicles. They are ideal in areas where exit or entry prevention is most important.

What are Road Blockers?

These are the discreet solutions to help control access to premises or properties. Road blockers prevent unwanted vehicles from entering certain areas. Additionally, they are also perfect for blocking road areas where entry is restricted. Most common road blockers have a rising functionality that allows the area to be accessible when not in use.

What are Automatic Rising Bollards?

Automatic bollards are poles used to prevent access to unauthorised vehicles. They have a rising and collapsing automatic mechanism when integrated with sensors or traffic management systems. Additionally, you can also control the bollards remotely from a security post as they use electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic motors to rise to full height from the ground level.

Advantages of Automatic Rising Bollards: 

Bollard barriers offer a practical obstacle for oncoming vehicles. This makes them the ideal security solution for most businesses, especially those with various vehicles coming in and out of the premises. Some advantages of these include the following:

  • Discreet: Rising bollards can fit perfectly on the ground, making them more discreet and the best security solution compared to other security barriers. 
  • Automated and Cost-effective: The automation in rising bollards helps reduce the need for manual input. This is a more cost-effective security measure in the long run. But it also ensures that your access to security control systems is more reliable. 
  • Low Maintenance Costs: Larger security barriers and gates may cost you more in the long run. On the other hand, maintaining rising bollard barriers is relatively low, making them the most cost-effective security solutions for businesses regardless of size.

Advantages of Road Blockers:

Road blockers are the best way to help avoid or prevent accidents. These are ideal as they can withstand up to 50 years of use. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

  • Increased Road Safety: Road blockers are specifically manufactured to help increase road safety. They get placed in the middle of the road to stop an over-speeding vehicle effectively. Sometimes they are on roadsides to prevent vehicles from colliding with trees or traffic signals.
  • Stops Unwanted Vehicles: They are perfect in areas with restricted vehicle entry to stop unwanted vehicles from entering.
  • Reduces Traffic Jams and Congestion: The number of cars on the roads is increasing and so is the number of accidents. Road blockers help reduce accidents, which will lead to a low number of traffic jams.
  • Minimal Maintenance Cost: compared to other road safety measures, road blockers are the cheapest to maintain. For a minimum of 30 years, the road blockers will still be in place and working.

Advantages of Rising Kerbs

Rising kerbs are another security measure you can use to help protect your business from unwanted entries. These offer various benefits, which include the following: 

  • Effective Protection: Allowing ease and controlled access is one thing, but if you have highly sensitive sites that you need to limit access to, then rising kerbs are the perfect solution. Some of these premises include government buildings or financial institutions. 
  • Managing Traffic: Barriers help with perimeter security plans; using rising kerbs particularly helps you monitor and shut off any unwanted vehicles’ access into your premises. Once the vehicles stop, you get to check for their credentials before allowing them to access the site.
  • Ease of Access: Some premises do not prohibit access; they control and maintain it. Such premises need the use of rising kerbs. For instance, a retail shop. You can use the rising kerbs to help you meet targets as you maintain your business operations at high standards.

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