The Difference Between Printed Logo Mat And Inlay Mat

When you are planning to invest in commercial door mats with your brand’s logo on them, you have to make a choice between which one to get and which one to avoid. You have two options one printed mat and the second one is inlaid mats. You need to think of the durability and benefits of the product that you get.

Here are the important things you need to know about each of them.

Explain printed floor mats.

Any kind of mat that is commercial or industrial in which a design or logo on the top portion of the preexisting mat is referred to as a printed floor mat. The look of the printed mats is stunning, but the design printed on them starts to wear out or fade even before the mats get degraded. There are chances of it getting smudged when the temperature goes high. 

Explain what an inlaid floor mat is.

Comparing the looks there is no difference between the Inlaid floor mat and the printed floor mat. An inlaid mat is designed from the scratch. Every single part of the design you choose for the mat is computer cut in the exact matting color necessary to achieve the design you have wanted. 

The brand logo is hand inlaid and welded chemically at the base. The remaining part of the mat is inlaid seamlessly surrounding the logo with the neutral color or contrasting color preferred by you. You would not have to worry about the logo getting faded, smudged, or worn out at any time before matting degrades. The strength and durability are ensured.

Make sure that when you go to buy or place an order for these mats you look for the best quality. With ultimate mats, you can be assured to get Waterhog mats, brand logo mats, and many more varieties at the best rate and quality. They are partnered with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the United States and have delivery services in all 48 states of the United States Of America.

When you order mats make sure to have strategies used. The most common and popular part to place the mat is after or before the entrance of the double and single door. However, there are many other options too. You can consider placing mats on the following spots like:

  • At the sale point or cash counter
  • At the door of an elevator 
  • At the internal office doors entrance
  • Any spot that a customer or employee would stand for a long time
  • In high traffic areas to reduce the dirt on the floors

What is a printed mat good for?

  • Temporary use.
  • Used as a promotional item.
  • When your budget is limited.
  • When performance is not necessary.

What is Inlaid mat good for?

  • For permanent use and long-term choice.
  • High traffic environment.
  • When durability and performance are a concern 
  • When you have a high budget.

Now that your confusion between both the mats is cleared, you should go and place your order and have a fresh and clean space.

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