The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

There are several weapons in the game that have great power, and the Ice Staff is definitely one of them. The Ice Staff comes in several different parts. To find the parts you need to craft the full Ice Staff, you’ll need to dig in snowy areas. You can find Dig Sites anywhere on the map, but the top part is most common in the Church area. The middle part is most commonly found around Generators 4 and 5, and the bottom part can be found in the No Man’s Land between Generators 2 and 3.

Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is a buildable Elemental Staff that shoots three molten rock balls when fired. These balls stun zombies and cause them to burn on impact. The Fire Staff can be upgraded to be even more powerful with the Kagutsucki’s Blood accessory. This accessory improves its blast radius and vaporizes zombies that are hit point-blank. The Fire Staff can also be equipped with a secondary attachment called Sekhmet’s Vigor.

To upgrade your Fire Staff, you will need to find three parts. First, you need to get the Gramophone and the fire gem. These two items can be found in a mysterious room. The third piece is a red disc, which you will need to find in a Soul Box.

You should start with the Fire Staff in the early rounds. It is an excellent choice for the Zombie Hunter. You can use it to kill zombies in the Crazy Place. Just be careful not to get trapped!


The Paralyzer is a powerful new weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins. You can use it to skip a maze and jump over obstacles, even doors. It’s also great for one-shot kills. Here’s how it works:

First, you need to learn how to use it. There are many different weapons you can use in Black Ops 3 Origins. The Paralyzer is one of the best ones. It can easily knock down a target and make them immobile. This weapon can also be upgraded into a spinner and can be upgraded. However, it’s not suited for casual games.

The Paralyzer is a powerful weapon that can be found in a Mystery Box. It slows zombies down and has unlimited ammunition. This weapon also has a cool down. Once you’ve used up all of your ammunition, the Paralyzer will no longer work. Like C4, the Paralyzer can also be used to set checkpoints.

Ice Staff code

The Ice Staff is code one of the most powerful weapons available to players in Black Ops 3 Origins. It can freeze zombies with a single shot and can be upgraded to create a massive blizzard. Its base version has a significant weakness, as frozen enemies often block the exit path, but it is extremely effective when upgraded. The upgraded Ice Staff can shoot a block of ice, freezing zombies nearby in a blizzard.

In order to upgrade the Ice Staff, you need to find three components. The first part is found in the starting area and the second part is found in the middle area of the map near the church. The third part is found in a building located near the central excavation site. It can also be found near the rear door.

To use the Ice Staff, you need to be in the Crazy Place. First, you need to pick up the Ice Staff on a pedestal. After picking it up, you need to kill zombies in the area to charge it. Once you’ve done this, the staff will become available for you to use.


The Drakon is one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the game. Its low hipfire accuracy, low recoil, and great aiming abilities make it an excellent weapon for snipers. This semi-automatic rifle is an excellent choice for a sniper, and is unlocked by default.

The Elemental Staff is another one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This weapon can be upgraded to produce different effects. It can shoot lightning bolts, blast wind, and even fire. It’s the perfect weapon for high-level rounds, or for standing in one spot shooting.

The KN-44 is another powerful weapon in the game. It can be purchased from the wall in many maps and deals great damage. This weapon can deal 2,000 damage per shot. It also has a high rate of fire and reloads quickly. This gun can be upgraded with ammo to give it a higher damage output.

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